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    Zoë Kravitz became a center of attention after the 2021 Met Gala event. According to Google, the actress was the most searched personality at the Met Gala that year. Well, because of Zoë Kravitz Met Gala dress, we have seen several criticisms and trolls.

    So, why did the internet go crazy over the actress’s dress? Well, it wasn’t the first time for Kravitz to appear in this event. She has been quite a regular participant at the Met Gala.

    She first appeared at this event with her father Lenny Kravitz in 2004. In this post, we will share why Zoë Kravitz Met Gala dress went viral and how she experienced criticism.

    Plus, we will share some background stories of the actress as well. If it’s your first time searching for Kravitz’s Met Gala outfits, you can learn about her achievements too. So, let’s get started.

    Who is Zoë Kravitz Actually?

    Okay, you have the same question. If her recent controversial outfit brought you here, you would love to know about this actress. Zoe Kravitz is an American actress, model, and singer. She became successful after doing several movies.

    The actress also has a film background. Both of her parents are popular actors. As we noted before, Zoe is the daughter of American actor Lenny Kravitz. Plus, her mother Lisa Bonet is also a well-known actress.

    Even though Zoe appeared at Met Gala in 2004, she started her acting career with No Reservations in 2007. However, her breakthrough came with X-Men: First Class where she played the role of Angel Salvadore.

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    Later, Kravitz also played a crucial role in The Divergent Series and Fantastic Beasts series. Before this Zoë Kravitz Met Gala dress thing happened, she was popular among TV audiences.

    Her remarkable work was HBO’s Big Little Lies. Plus, she had done some amazing independent films including Adam Green’s Aladdin, Dope, and Gemini. Kravitz portrayed Catwoman in The Batman.

    Music Career

    Besides being a successful actress and model, Zoe is also a good singer. She released two studio albums called Tenderness and Calm Down. Some of her popular Singles are Wanna Have Fun, Every Fuckin Day, Teardrop, Baby I’m Dyin’, AYO, and Not Diana.

    Zoë Kravitz Achievements

    Kravitz got several nominations for her work. Hence, she also won some prestigious awards as well. She won the Audience Award at Napa Valley Film Festival and Milano Internationals Film Festival Awards in 2015.

    Later, she won Black Reel Awards for Television in 2020. As we noted, the actress got nominations for several awards including Teen Choice Awards, Gold Derby Awards, Satellite Awards, and Screen Actors Guild Awards.

    Besides doing films and TV series, Kravitz also appeared as a guest in several shows including Screwed, Anti-Social Smokers Club, Passionfruit, and We Are The Ones. Kravitz will be a part of The Sundance Kid Might Have Some Regrets. She is also debuting as a director for Pussy Island.

    How Did Zoe Kravitz Met Gala Go Viral?

    Kravitz wore a metallic mesh gown that was designed by Saint Laurent. The outfit had a matching glittery thong. She wore matching earrings alongside strappy heels. After Zoë Kravitz Met Gala dress went viral, she got mixed reviews.

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    Well, most of the comments were trolls. Hence, that’s the reason why she became the most Google-searched celebrity of the 2021 Met Gala. However, the actress also shut down social media critics as well.

    The criticism led the actress to delete her Instagram. Later, she explained her experience in a recent interview with Elle. However, it was not the first time for Kravitz. She also made a headline at the 2017 Met Gala with her costume.

    Not just Zoe Kravitz, but many celebrities got an impression to choose unique dresses. According to Google, Beyoncé was the second most searched personality at this event. The third position was a surprise entry of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who made a debut at the Met Gala.


    Met Gala is a significant event in the fashion world. So, we get different trends every year. Kravitz’s one wasn’t a surprise. However, people reacted differently this time. And it happened because of the misuse of social media. In this case, we have to be more careful before passing comments.

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