Are there any rules when it comes to what fingers you should wear your rings on? It is universally agreed that you wear an engagement ring or wedding ring on your left hand and the index finger. But what about the others? Do people really notice what finger you wear your rings on?

Well, there are some people that take notice of these things, and it can be fun to know the meaning behind how you wear rings. So, let’s take a closer look at this subject so you can decide for yourself.

Can You Wear Rings on Any Finger?

The simple answer to this question is yes. You are going to be able to choose the finger you want to wear your rings on. There can be some meaning behind each finger, which we will discuss later on. But here are some considerations to make when it comes to what finger you want to use for your ring.

The Style of the Ring

Sometimes, the style of a ring can dictate the best finger to wear it on. For example, if you have a centerpiece and a fancy style, you want to show this off. So, it would be best to use your middle or index finger, which is in the middle of your hand. If you want to wear a stylish cocktail ring, you will also want to make sure that everybody can see it. Again, your index, middle or ring finger is going to be the best ones to choose for this.

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The Size of the Ring

Let’s not forget that you can get variety of sizes when it comes to rings. There are small and subtle, as well as large and elaborate. This can play a part in what ring sits on which finger. For instance, your pink finger is smaller than the rest, which might mean you prefer to wear a smaller ring on this one. Alternatively, large rings can look good on your index and middle fingers.

The Comfort

Sometimes, they say the phrase, ‘no pain, no gain’. But this does not always have to be the case when it comes to fashion. When you are wearing rings, you have to think about comfort. Indeed, there are going to be some fingers that feel better wearing rings than others. This can be down to what you like. So, play around a little and see what finger you like to wear a ring on.

Easiest for Movement

Yes, you want to look stylish with the rings you wear. But, you also have to be free to move your hands in any way you want. This is particularly true if you are going to be at work or active. So, make sure that you consider what finger is going to allow the easiest for movement. For example, if you are going to be typing, it might not be easy to move your thumb. Alternatively, if you are playing the piano, the pinky finger may not allow much movement with a ring on it.

What the Different Fingers Mean

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Each finger has a different meaning. So, this can help you decide what finger you want to wear a particular ring on. Let’s take a look at their meanings.

Left Ring Finger

Most people already know that the left ring finger has a lot of significance. In particular, it is the finger you will wear your engagement and wedding ring on. The reason for this is said to be because there is a vein that runs up this finger and all the way to the heart. This tradition might stem back as fair as ancient Rome.

The Thumb

A lot of people did not know that rings that are worn on the thumb can symbolise wealth. Certainly, this used to be what it meant and it did not matter if the ring was on the left or the right thumb. But, it is now accepted that it can be a fashion statement wearing a ring on this finger on either hand.

Pinky Finger

Did you know that wearing a ring on your pinky finger can be significant? Well, there are some that say this can convey your professional status to other people. In particular, this can be true if you wear the ring on the right hand. This used to be done by graduates and many men would wear a ring on this finger to show they were educated and had a degree.


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