fat burn

fat burn

The plastic surgeons who perform lipo (also known as lipo) can remove fat from the body using lipo. Because it involves surgery, this procedure is different from other fat-removal methods. To find out more about and what liposuction is, please read the following.

What is Liposuction?

Plastic surgeons perform liposuction, a type of surgery that removes excess fat. The operation removes fat from the body while the patient is asleep. A lipo procedure is typically used for patients with a healthy weight and who want to reduce fat in specific areas such as their abdomen, waist, or thighs.

It is important to remember that lipo is not intended to lose weight. Instead, it is designed to improve the appearance of your body by removing excess fat cells from specific areas. Lipo is performed to remove fat from areas that are not easily removed by regular exercise or healthy eating habits.

More Information About the Procedure

This is a surgical procedure which requires patients to be under-the-knife. It also involves anesthesia. A typical lipo procedure can take anywhere from one hour to four hours, depending on the extent of the surgery and how many areas need to be removed.


Plastic surgeons can perform 5 types of procedures.

  1. Tumescent: This procedure uses a saline solution that pulls the fat from the body via small tubes. The most popular type of liposuction, is called tumescent liposuction.
  2. Dry: This procedure is very similar to tumescent lipsuction, but no liquids are used. This type of liposuction can result in bleeding or bruising.
  3. Ultrasound-Assisted: This is also known as UAL. It uses an ultrasound machine to “melt away” fat from the body. UAL can be used in areas with more fat. The ultrasound breaks down the body’s fat. To remove any excess fat left over from ultrasound-assisted liposuction, you will need to perform suction liposuction.
  4. Power-Assisted: This type of liposuction, also known as PAS, uses a machine that moves quickly and back and forth to help the surgeon pull out fat.
  5. Laser-Assisted: Also known as LAL, laser-assisted liposuction uses a saline solution. This is similar to tumescent lipsuction. Laser-assisted liposuction, unlike other liposuction techniques, is less invasive. It uses small tubes that are inserted into the body to heat and melt the fat. A plastic surgeon will then remove any excess fluid from your body after using a laser.
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Is it Permanent?

The patient is ultimately responsible for whether or not liposuction results are permanent. Patients who have had liposuction can expect permanent fat-removal results if they follow a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and a healthy diet. Patients who gain weight after liposuction or maintain an unhealthy lifestyle may experience unproportional fat distribution.

Is Fat Possible to Return after Liposuction?

If the patient doesn’t take proper care of themselves and live a healthy lifestyle, then fat can return after lipo. Fat can return after liposuction in a variety of ways.

  • It is possible for the fat to return in other places than where it was “sucked” during the procedure.
  • Patients who gain more weight after liposuction than they did before the operation will be considered a success.
  • Fat can appear disproportional in the body if it does return.

Tips and Tricks To Keep Fat From Returning after Liposuction

Although fat can sometimes return to the body after liposuction there are some ways you can prevent it from happening. The most common question is whether you can gain weight after liposuction. There are three ways you can prevent fat from coming back to your body after liposuction.

  1. Keep a regular exercise program: Cardio exercise, such as running, walking or biking, and resistance training (using weights or weight machines or resistance bands) are two great ways to keep fit.
  2. Healthy eating habits: A healthy diet is key to avoiding weight gain.
  3. Your surgeon will give you information about how to keep your liposuction-induced weight reduction. Follow the advice of your doctor to ensure the best possible results and visit www.memphisliposuction.com for more details. 

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