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What is Zimmermann Clothing, you may ask? 

To answer this question, imagine unique prints, exaggerated frills, puff sleeves, oversized bows, extra-high waists, silk on top of lace, lace on top of silk, a melange of fabrics, textures and interesting prints. Now separate all these, throw them around in a box, tip them out and see where they fall. The result is the unimaginable combinations that come together to be what one would call Zimmermann clothing. Zimmermann utilizes many aspects of clothing and combines them in the same garments. The brand typically doesn’t adhere to the conservative fashion design rules of keeping them separate. 

The outlandish, statement-making combination of these combinations defines Zimmermann clothing in all the styles they create. Too much of a good thing is never too much and often never enough. Zimmermann clothing is defined by using multiple prints, textures and patterns.

Who owns Zimmermann clothing?

Two brave and talented sisters grew up in Sydney; one sister, Nicky Zimmermann, studied fashion, and she loved to sew. A knack for expert fabrication and prints were standout talents that helped develop their brand from the very beginning. A combination of excellent fashion education and a lucky break in Paddington markets was the recipe for the great clothing line debut, Zimmermann was born in 1991. 

It was run as a family business and sold out to a private equity firm, Style Capital in 2020l. Style Capital now owns 70% of Zimmermann and owns other well-known prestige international fashion brands, too, including forte_forte, MSGM, Re/Done,  LuisaViaRoma and Zimmermann. 

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Zimmermann Children’s clothing line 

On the tailwind of a great women’s wear collection, Zimmermann branched into children’s clothing. Little girl’s dresses, skirts, rashies, bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, playsuits, jumpsuits and hats. The children’s line usually features identical prints and frills as those found in the adult’s Resort Collections. Primarily, it is the swim and beachwear that you can expect to see in the Zimmermann children’s clothing collection

Who doesn’t love a Zimmermann Clothing Sale? 

A Zimmermann Clothing sale is great for this pricey brand to nab a great bargain. Especially for Zimmermann Children’s clothing, kids tend to grow out of dresses, swimsuits or pants. The prices are undoubtedly at the higher end of the fashion spectrum; It is certainly a luxury category of fashion brands. The sales take place twice a year, and deals are often available if one is lucky and patient. Another way to snag a nice bargain is by purchasing second-hand Zimmermann clothing online on marketplaces such as eBay, Poshmark and Facebook Marketplace. 

Re-Loved Zimmermann clothing 

The same holds for outfits you have worn and no longer need, as it is pretty easy to on-sell pre-loved, no-longer-needed Zimmermann clothing to eager buyers. Second-hand marketplaces are a win-win because not only are they great avenues for bargains to be had, but the act of buying second-hand is much more eco-friendly and kinder to the environment. It means less waste, more clothing wears, and will keep you and the environment looking good!

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