10 Reasons To Start Using Telegram for Your Business10 Reasons To Start Using Telegram for Your Business

As a business owner, it’s important to keep your customers engaged by constantly evolving and updating your products so you can adapt to the shifting market. It’s also essential for businesses to have good customer support in place – after all, who’s going to help protect your business when customers don’t have time? Messengers provide a viable alternative platform that can really enhance the user experience.

In this article, we’ll consider Telegram as the platform that can be incredibly valuable for your business.

There are many reasons to use Telegram as a way to grow your business.

Let’s talk about what makes Telegram so great.

It’s free!

You’re able to send images, videos, text and voice messages as well as promote your mobile app development company without spending a dime through this platform. It doesn’t matter how many message you send or receive per day; it’s completely free with no limitations.


If you deal with the different group of customers, which is almost always true, Telegram will make it easy for you to send personalised e-mails. Simply sort your prospects according to interest or region to see a customized sales email sent in seconds.


With Telegram, running a successful marketing campaign is easier than ever. You can collect media on your ads by asking customers to take a photo inside your café/shop or with your product. Additionally, you can also ask social influencers to share these posts on their platforms and mention that they should send these photos in order to receive a reward. However, before doing this make sure that your target audience uses the app—the app has more users than any other messaging alternative!

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Most customers prefer texting as a way to communicate with your business because it’s faster and more convenient. It allows them to keep track of things they ask you in the conversation, so they don’t have to call back in case something slips their mind.


If you’re looking for a cost-effective and innovative method of increasing your brand awareness, send one message to your target audience with information about a sale or opening of the new store. That’s it!

To collect client feedback, we’ve created message טלגראס כיוונים centers. The messages are sent right the main page of your website, so there’s no need to go anywhere else. If you do have the need to collect responses, we recommend using surveys or instant messenger chats.


Telegram has never been hacked and its founder is extremely proud of this achievement. In fact, these message-based platforms have an inherent security advantage because they’re designed with security in mind, so you know hacking one of them will be difficult!


Telegram messenger has apps for over a dozen operating systems, making it easy for your customers to access it wherever they choose. Plus, it’s available on web-based devices and mobile apps so you can get 100% visibility at all times.


With Telegram, anyone can create and distribute customized stickers to their customers. With branding guidelines that you provide, created stickers can be featured on your website or used in marketing materials. Now businesses have a great opportunity to promote their brands through products that customers love.

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For now, this feature is only available in Russia and Brazil. That said, we’re confident that it’ll be available to a bunch of other countries soon. The thing is that this feature allows users to make transactions safer than banks.

Why Telegram stands out of the crowd?

There are hundreds if not thousands of different messaging apps, but what makes Telegram appropriate for a business?

Secret Chat

Secure and private conversations are only possible when they’re enabled with the right software. We have a fully encrypted chat platform that enables those conversations, which makes them end-to-end secure.

Self-destructive messages

You can use this feature to set a specific deadline for deletion. It’s helpful when you want to avoid confidential information or documents becoming buried in your inbox.

Cloud storage

Telegram keeps all your media files, along with their history, attached to messages in case you need to sync them or share them on another platform.

Not for sale

As one of the most popular messaging platforms, we take privacy very seriously. We want to help you stay protected and anonymous – no data is shared with any third parties.

User base grows all the time

According to Telegram’s numbers, they had over 100 Million users in early 2016, 350,000 new users and almost 15 Billion messages per day. These numbers put them at the top five of the world’s most popular messengers.

Telegram is not only a way to reach and keep in touch with your target audience, but it’s also a powerful tool that can help you automate and optimize some processes in order to minimize the manual work. Creator of your own chatbot that will be responsible for a certain process, such as processing orders or customer consulting.

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Telegram is a great tool for your business. Not only can it optimize your business, but it also raises the customer experience while you’re working on other marketing channels.

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