Women love to dress up specifically if a new trend comes out in the business. We associate different styles at the beach, party, gatherings, home, park, and anywhere we go. 

Most of us love basic outfits because it is comfy and can easily get styled. A plain shirt is familiar to everyone because we perceive it as the most comfortable dress you could ever wear. 

How we dress is our way of expressing ourselves and our unique characteristics. We all have different tastes and styles; however, we all share a common type: loving to wear a plain shirt. 

A plain shirt is classy that we use to mix-match with different styles we want. Mixing styles is a trend in social media today, combining the modern with vintage, pop with aesthetic, and many more. 

You may think that mix-match is only famous for teenagers–you perceive it wrong. You can also do the trend even if you are an adult, young adult, middle age, or even old age–fashion has no boundaries. 

Wearing what you think can add to your confidence is more important than other judgments. It’s great to express. However, properly blending styles is essential to create a successful matching. 

If you love wearing a plain shirt, but you also want to take your basic style into more trendy, you can do these:

Plain Shirt And Denim

You can do denim if you style yourself in a mix of decent and funky styles. Denim and plain shirts go well; even if your shirt is plain yellow, white, black, gray, or any color you like, the result is superb. 

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Your basic style turns into more fun and in trend. You can now present yourself confidently in public; denim is pretty heavy and thick, so when you pair it with plain shirts, consider the weather and temperature in your location. 

Moreover, you can find inspiration for denim styles on different sites online. Although you might find a place you like, if you can’t understand the language, you may use a translation agency to help you translate it. 

Plain Shirt And Silk Flowy Skirts

You can match your plain shirt with silk flowy skirts if you want to look girlie and sophisticated. Dresses create a great transition to your height. Making you feel fresh while being sophisticated to look at.

During summer, skirts are trendy because they combine heat, giving the person wearing them a fresh feeling. Any style of skirt will do when you pair it with your plain shirt.

However, the deal here is that your plain top skirt should blend into the design of your flowy dresses. However, if you are wearing a colored plain shirt, you need to find a dress that will compliment your top. 

Plain Shirt With Blazer  

You can wear a plain shirt with a blazer when preparing for formal appointments or important meetings. You don’t need to wear a fancy color when you are in an interview or important meeting. 

Wearing a plain shirt and finishing it with an executive blazer and a trouser will complete your look. You can now slay your interview or an important meeting with confidence. 

Plain Shirt With Jumpsuits

Pairing a plain shirt and jumpsuits creates a cowboy aesthetic style. It is a straightforward and basic style that never goes old. Simple shirts and jumpsuits are vintage, and many women still wear this style because it creates a unique edge in public. 

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Moreover, this style can protect you from the cold weather and heat. It is because your skin is not well exposed except on your arm. 

Plain Shirt And Highwaisted Pants

A plain shirt and high-waisted pants are the perfect combos if you want to show some curves and go bare. It works on many occasions except at formal parties. 

However, this style is the comfiest that you will love. You can pair this style with simple jewelry, and you are good to go. 


Indeed, plain shirts go with different styles. Whether you pair it with anything you like, it will create a new outfit while keeping you comfortable. 

In plains, there are no limited styles; as long as you are creative, you can achieve your desired style you want with plain shirts. Women today love simple clothing even at work because no matter how busy they get, they are still comfortable to work because they wear basic styles. 

Although sophisticated dresses are still worth buying and slaying– you can’t use them daily. Moreover, whether you love simple or sophisticated clothes, you have a say in what to wear. 

If you feel that wearing plain gives you the confidence to face the public go for it and vice versa. Your style will always depend on your taste, and if you plan to get inspiration, you can find some types online that will match your selection. Lastly, make sure you style yourself for your good, not for others to like. 

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