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    This year’s fashion month was a catalyst for cathartic transformation, and escapism was everywhere. Some models underwent radical changes in their hairstyles, such as Kendall Jenner with her new copper red hair or Isabeli Fontana, sporting a fresh haircut inspired by Linda in the 90s. If they weren’t slicing their hair, it was their brows with their bleached arches returning to fashion in Versace and Burberry. The new makeup techniques saw dramatic hues, ranging from off-kilter pastels to intense midnight shades, edgy interpretations of metallic eye makeup, and the classic red lips. For hair, it was all about stunning braids and shiny slick-backs of every shape and form. Certain statements plunge viewers into an incredibly exotic fantasyland. There is no better example to illustrate this point than the sparkling crystal designs on jewelry at Burberry and Simone Rocha. After a lengthy time in “clean-girl” makeup(i.e., makeup that isn’t made-up), We’re seeing the return of experimenting with blushers, lipsticks, and makeup. Because makeup is all about having fun, isn’t it? Bold beauty is back; that’s why we welcome the return with big smiles. “I think after two years of masks, we are all feeling a bit over the no-makeup look and are ready for fun again and excited to look our best,” says Omayma Ramzy, the renowned makeup creator of Omayma Skin. “A dark lip liner and gloss is an intense look for autumn and winter. ” Here are nine of the most beautiful trends for Fall 2022 that StudyCrumb already recorded for you. 

    Radical hair Transformations

    It all started in New York Fashion Week when Brazilian supermodel Isabeli Fontana traded in her long hair to get a trendy ’90s style about the legendary Linda Evangelista for Michael Kors. Then, at Prada, Kendall Jenner made her redhead debut conceived in a collaboration between colorists-to-the-stars Matt Rez and Jenna Perry. Then, towards the end of the month, Gigi Hadid bleached her waist lengths and eyebrows for the most powerful transformation.

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    Bleached-Out Brows

    When it comes to brows bleached, Hadid wasn’t the only person to take the plunge with peroxide at the arch. The reason for this is that the look was a significant part of the seemingly alien beauty of Richard Quinn, as seen in the likes of Lila Moss. In the backstage area of Versace and Burberry, makeup artists Pat McGrath bleached model arches to create “smoldering graphic smoky eyes” and starkly white skin tones.

    Metallic Accents

    The mix of beauty and come-as-you-are of Gucci covered the eyes with metallic silver and green foils by the world-renowned makeup expert Thomas de Kluyver. Gilded flecks also appeared at Ambush with sparkling flecks of purple and bronze over the eyes; and Dior with professional Peter Philips adding “a little twist” to the eyes with a swipe of silver around the outer eye’s corners to add an artistic touch. Other times, hair accessories made of metallic (like the delicate barrette at Fendi and the gilded Margot Clips of the style Tenenbaum from Chanel) were added to the hair to give the added glimmer.

    Bold Face Embellishments

    In London, the runway debut of ConnorIve focused on the Y2K beauty rules that naturally meant that bright gemstones for the face were in the mix. In addition, while musing about the beauty of a different base, Simone Rocha paid tribute to the fantastical Irish folklore with crystals and pearls that encased the models’ eyes. The month ended in Paris at Givenchy; there were trompe-l’oeil face piercings with gemstones of metal pressed across the forehead, above the eyes. Then, back in London with Burberry, McGrath dressed select faces with “thousands of prismatic crystal couture gems,” even printing the Burberry logo on the mix. Reimagined Red Lips

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    Red lips are an iconic touch. Making it look like a person is the key to working without a hitch. September was filled with various styles, starting with New York, where deep, cool-toned versions of Khaite, and Tory Burch, ruled. At Marni, it was a more abstract and blurred hue. In Paris, bright pouts in red were accentuated with opaque gloss to create a glossy look.

    Vibrant Eye Statements

    In this season’s fashion, you can find a broad range of colors to pick from. For New York, standout eye shades were skewed out of sync with washed-out pastels of Gabriela Hearst and washes of “taupe, acid yellow, and moon purple,” according to makeup artist Fara Homidi described them on Maryam Nassir Zadeh. On the other hand, Paris was all about high-saturated jewel tones, such as the fuchsia-colored winged eye in Valentino and the shocking violets in Yves Klein Blue at Saint Laurent.

    Drenched and damp hair

    There’s nothing more runway-like than slicked-back hair. Across lengths and textures, there were many takes on damp lengths, beginning with the just-emerged-from-the-pool sweeps at Peter Do and then Altuzarra, where at the designer’s request for a “coming out of the ocean” effect, side-swept, near-sopping lengths were sculpted accordingly by hairstylist James Pecis. At Fendi, pro-Guido Palau wanted the glossy wet hair to be “light and easy, but also give it a masculine feel,” with a long side parted. Not to be left out were the shiny long, drenched hairstyles of Giambattista Valli. According to hairstylist Cyndia Harvey, “They said wet, so I gave drenched.”

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    After-Dark Beauty

    Maybe inspired by the urban New York nightlife scene, there were “nocturnal” jet black-streaked eyes at Eckhaus Latta and deliberately “smudgy and smoky” dabs of black pigment at Collina Strada designed to signal an eerie night of dancing makeup artists Allie Smith said backstage. Black pouts with a dark hue were very popular this season, ranging from the mysterious plums of Vaquera to the saturated, inky onyx mouths of Gucci and Blumarine.

    According to a report from Cult Beauty, cosmetics such as body glitter, shimmery makeup, and even makeup accessories were among the most searched-for trends for 2022. Indeed, everything you wore to the school party is back, undoubtedly inspired by the trends of the incredible makeup looks of the film Euphoria and the rising popularity of “the “night luxe” aesthetic on TikTok. We’re skipping over the glitter for body and opting instead for shimmering eyeshadows with sparkling shades appearing translucent, which is perfect for parties. “As the Euphoria theme carries on, there are splashes of frosty shades, a play with metallic accents with block silver or color foil,” is a makeup artist and co-founder of Studio One Makeup founder Studio One Makeup Lan Nguyen-Grealis. “Think shimmering highlights and adornment jewels around the eye with clean skin.”

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