According to the U.S. Electric Vehicle Industry Statistics and Facts, as of 2022, there are more than 136,500 public EV chargers in the U.S. spread across nearly 53,800 EV charging points. However, as of the end of the first quarter of 2023, 3.34 million electric vehicles were on the road in the U.S., according to the Alliance for Automotive Innovation’s latest quarterly electric vehicle report. There are 24 times as many EVs as there are public EV chargers. Electric vehicle sales continue to increase, as does the demand for EV chargers, and people are looking for more valuable EV charging solutions.

Traveling in an electric car can reduce carbon footprint, and many people are starting their long journeys in electric cars, however, can the battery of an electric car sustain me through the journey? Some people have developed mileage anxiety with electric cars. So, how do I complete a long journey in an electric car with confidence? Here’s a great way to do it: find hotels with electric car chargers.

Why does a holiday hotel or motel need to install an electric car charger?

A resort hotel with an electric car charger can be a pleasant surprise for electric car drivers. When you are planning a long trip and are anxious about charging your electric car, how exciting it should be to be told that there is a hotel with an electric car charging post attached to your destination.

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For holiday hotel operators, partnering with an EV charger supplier to install a commercial EV charger at their hotel is a long-term profitable investment that not only has a positive impact on the hotel’s business, but is also in line with the trend towards sustainability and green tourism. I’ve listed five benefits of installing electric vehicle charging stations in hotels.

  • Attract more EV drivers: As electric vehicles become more popular, more and more people are choosing to travel with them. Investing in commercial EV charging piles can attract this target audience by providing convenient charging facilities for EV drivers. This can help expand the hotel’s customer base, especially those who are environmentally conscious and traveling sustainably.
  • Increase hotel sustainability: providing EV charging facilities for electric vehicles is part of a hotel’s sustainability strategy. This investment is not only in line with environmental responsibility but also helps to enhance the hotel’s reputation in the sustainable tourism market. In the tourism industry, more and more people are choosing to focus on the environmental initiatives of hotels, so investing in EV charging piles can help improve a hotel’s sustainability performance in this area. Secondly, electric vehicles still have the potential to grow, and investing in EV charging infrastructure by building EV charging car parks as soon as possible is a sound action.
  • Extra revenue streams: Hotels could consider adding extra revenue streams through commercial EV charging services. This could include charging by the hour or by the amount charged, providing a new business model for hotels. This could be an attractive option for recovering investment costs and maintaining charging facilities.
  • Providing a more comprehensive service: Providing charging facilities for EVs could enable hotels to offer a more comprehensive service. EV drivers can conveniently charge their vehicles during their stay without having to leave the hotel to find another commercial EV charging station. This convenience contributes to customer satisfaction and encourages them to choose a resort with EV charging facilities.
  • Compliance with Government Policies and Incentives: In some areas, governments may offer incentives for hotels to install EV charging facilities, such as tax breaks, allowances, or other financial incentives. Investing in electric vehicle charging can allow a hotel to comply with these policies and receive the appropriate incentives.
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Overall, an investment in commercial EV charging piles by a holiday hotel will not only help to improve the sustainability and environmental image of the hotel, but will also attract more EV drivers, provide a more comprehensive service, and add an additional source of revenue, all while complying with government policies and incentives. Such an investment is a sustainable and promising decision.

What EV chargers should I install in my hotel or motel?

There are many types of EV chargers available, should you choose a more affordable level 2 commercial EV charger or a DC fast EV charger? This question is worth considering. EV charging equipment providers are happy to offer reliable EV charging solutions for hotel operators.

Such DC EV chargers like Joint EVD 100 EV charging station have the advantages of high energy conversion rate, low pollution emission, abundant fuel source, intelligent power sharing, etc. It supports up to 180kw and a charging range of 200-1000V, which is suitable for all kinds of EVs. The Joint EVP5 Dual-port EV charger is a commercial level2 EV charger that can charge two EVs at the same time, with an output power of 19.2 kW, suitable for shopping malls, fleets, hotels, hospitals, and other places that need quick charging. The commercial level2 EV charger with an output of 19.2 kW is suitable for shopping malls, fleets, hotels, hospitals, and other places where fast charging is required. The display of the Joint EV charger allows the user to see the charging data and usage status of the EVs, and the Joint EV charger supports LAN standard,4G, and Wi-Fi connectivity, providing an easy charging experience for EV owners. Joint EV charger supplier offers customization service, where the hotel or motel operator customizes the look of the EV charger, such as attaching the hotel’s logo to the EV charger.

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In conclusion, hotels investing in EV charging piles not only help to improve the sustainability and environmental image of the hotel, but also attract more EV drivers, provide a more comprehensive service, and increase additional revenue streams. Joint EV charger manufacturers provide you with professional commercial EV charging solutions and help you install the right EVSE. Ready to start planning your EVSE project? Feel free to get in touch with Joint to start a sustainable and promising decision.

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