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If you’re like most future brides, you’ve thought about your venue, your wedding date, and the bouquet. But, what about the dress? Finding a suitable wedding gown involves a shopping process that doesn’t have to be complicated. First, take a look at celebrities on the red carpet to start envisioning a style you like, and then go search for that same style in stores.

It’s wise to have an idea in mind of what you want, but don’t be afraid to look around and try different styles on. Wearing a dress that is gallery-worthy is the best way to show off your unique style. Avoid jumping from one concept to the next without first deciding what you want out of each piece of clothing or accessory. Instead, figure out what you want, have a plan, and make sure to stick to local bridal stores that you know and trust.

Check out the types of wedding gowns below to make an informed decision

A-Line Gown

A-lines have been a staple of wedding fashion for years. They’re easy to create and come in all sorts of colors. When choosing a wedding gown, sort through the options to find one that’s flattering for your body type and age. The A-line gown is an alluring design that varies from a simple chiffon butterfly to a modern, innovative ball gown. The A-line gowns are ideal for women who wish to wear a sheer dress or even a tank top underneath. These gorgeous designs come in all sizes and styles, from a simple chiffon butterfly to a platform hemline that rivals some of the most stunning ball gowns found in this world.

Every season there are boutiques that stock ready-to-wear A-line gowns in various sizes and styles. These designs utilize fabrics that are easy to work with and can be transformed by adding accented pieces or embellished details.


If you’re considering a ballerina wedding, you need to know the basics. The basics are that this dress style has a voluminous bodice that reaches just above the knee and a long, floating skirt that dips ever so slightly to the ground. You want to keep the aesthetic traditional but break away from the ballerina standard of wearing foundation or leather shoes. Instead, opt for gowns with lightweight designs that allow your bare ankles to peek through while remaining elegant.

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While combining different styles and fabrics may seem daunting, the secret is to plan out your week in advance and buy in smaller sizes to avoid overpaying. A ballerina wedding gowns can be made in different lengths, which will complement different body types. If you are on the far end of average or overweight, then a shorter gown might be ideal. If you are in shape but have thin ankles, a more extended gown might be best. There are many different styles of ballerinas to choose from. You can find a flat ballerina with a basic design or go for a full-length ballerina made from a heavy thread count.

Ball Gowns

Ball Gowns

For most brides, the traditional choice for a formal ball gown is the ball gown. Generally, the ball gowns are made from silk, satin, piqués, or calicos. Many wedding gownz have become timeless classics for their bold and noteworthy designs. Ball gowns with boning and chiffon designs remain popular today due to their importance in diversity in materials and styles. With its graceful silhouette that nearly brushes the floor at its longest point, this style works best for formal weddings. There is no better way to celebrate the wedding of the year than with the timeless and elegant look of a ball gown. The full skirt adds drama and romance to your special day.

Empire Gowns

The Empire Gown is a form-fitting style designed to compliment your figure. As you walk, the gown hugs you in all the right places, emphasizing your curves as it flows from your shoulders to your feet. This gown is not only a head-turner but also works incredibly well for everyday wear. So if you feel like your bustline needs some TLC, this is the gown for you! The empire shape adds a feminine pop of color while maintaining a distinctive silhouette, quickly becoming a wardrobe favorite!

Empire wedding gown are the most popular for a modern destination wedding. They are typically made of white or ivory fabric and have a defined waist. Regardless of your size, these styles will be made to fit you perfectly. A proper fit will minimize any bulge or look of bulkiness even before you add shoes. Choose the one that best matches the occasion and your personal style. Criss-cross bands add a little diversity, while spaghetti straps accentuate your perfect hour.

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Mermaid gowns

You’ve seen the fairytale brides wearing their luxurious gowns as they walk down the aisle. For brides with a more fitted profile, mermaid wedding gowns are the perfect silhouette. The inclusive V-neckline makes the neckline seem even smaller and keeps the style modest without being fussy. A sweetheart topdeck balances out the hourglass shape. The mermaid silhouette is perfect for any gown with a great fit and flare look for a wedding on the beach. It creates a jaw-dropping silhouette without sacrificing sweet femininity and comfort.

Mermaid wedding dresses add drama and glamour to any bride’s ensemble. They hug the body and create an instant hourglass figure, and, appropriately, they are striking in appearance. Mermaid dresses were popular in the 1960s when Hollywood starlet Elizabeth Taylor wore a pink, leggy gown for her sexy role in National Velvet. Ever since then, the dreamy silhouette has been a bridal favorite.

Sheath Gowns

The sheath dress became a big hit on wedding runways over the past few years, and its popularity has extended onto the high streets and bridal boutiques. These wedding gowns look particularly good on women with an hourglass figure. The sheath dress design is crafted to complement the body while showcasing curves. The dress is narrow at the top and flares to the floor. The fitted bodice highlights the bust, creating a sleek silhouette that accentuates one’s curves. In addition, the long flowing length of the skirt adds grace and elegance to any tall woman.

Strapless Wedding gowns

Strapless Wedding gowns

A strapless wedding dress is an excellent choice for the modern bride. In addition to visually highlighting your arms and shoulders, not to mention your best assets, it is also not as constricting as a sleeved option. Furthermore, its light material makes it ideal for spring and summer weddings, and it’s sexy without being too revealing.

Equally romantic and elegant, strapless wedding dresses embody the modern bride’s desire to showcase plenty of skin while remaining demure. An array of styles is available, including couture creations made from delicate fabrics and chic column silhouettes. While an elegant, understated look distinguishes strapless wedding dresses with a classic appeal, there’s much more diversity and creativity in a strapless gown with the panache to match any bride’s makeover.

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Trumpet Wedding gown

A trumpet-style wedding dress has a tight fit through your chest and waist without being too close to your body. This lets you show off all of your curves without sacrificing comfort. In general, these wedding gowns are recommended for pear-shaped brides or brides who are 5’7″ and shorter. This trumpet silhouette features a plunging neckline perfect for showing off your decollete, giving you an elegant and sexy appeal. The trumpet silhouette is tight and saucy and makes for a show-stopping performance on the dancefloor. Perfect for the bride who likes to make an entrance!

Wedding Dress Train

Wedding dress train is the most extravagant of all bridal garments; it is the one accessory that should be lightweight, comfortable, elegant, and a joy to wear. A well-constructed train adds a lovely accent to any outfit and reveals your shape (especially when wearing flat shoes). If you are in between sizes, start with the one that fits comfortably but is still fun to wear.

For an elegant option, consider adding a sweep train to the back of your gown. It’s a subtle style that creates a touch of drama without being too over-the-top. It’s particularly flattering on trumpet or mermaid-style wedding dresses but also looks excellent on ball gowns and any style with a full skirt.

The chapel train is named for its resemblance to the altar steps at wedding chapels. The popular name describes the style of the train where the gown’s hem has a curve in the back that touches the floor at one point and is slightly shorter in front. The chapel train length looks beautiful on any bride for a formal wedding.

The Bottom Line

When planning the perfect summer wedding, you want your wedding gown to be a highlight of the event. But, as gorgeous as wedding dresses are, it can be overwhelming to choose the right dress for you. There are so many stunning styles in various designs and fabrics to choose from. That’s why we’ve narrowed down the top wedding gowns. From timeless styles to contemporary designs, we’ve highlighted some of the most popular slips available today. So, find your favorite style, make sure it works with your existing wardrobe, and hit the ground running with our ideas for the best wedding gowns to flatter all shapes and sizes.


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