Wed. Oct 4th, 2023


    If you’re planning a Halloween Party for the kids this year, then chances are you’re scouring the recipe books and the internet looking for food treats to serve up that will wow your guests. 

    Children’s bed specialist, Room to Grow has some great ideas to keep everyone happy later this year. 

    Baked potatoes and sausages are just not exciting enough for Halloween revellers these days and most of us are trying to come up with something that looks suitably gruesome for the occasion. There are plenty of Halloween foods available in the big supermarkets nowadays, but why not come up with some healthy alternatives to add to the mix and get the kids to give you a hand with the preparations to make it more of a family fun occasion? 

    • Quarter and core red and green apples, then cut a wedge of skin out of each quarter and press almond slivers in to look like teeth. 
    • Make some creepy fingers by cutting cheese string into finger lengths, cut lines for knuckles and then add an oval of cucumber for nails – arrange on a platter for maximum creepy impact. 
    • Turn Brownie Bites into spiders by adding apricot slices topped with a raisin for googly eyes. 
    • Use pretzel sticks topped with mini marshmallows dipped in white chocolate to create a collection of ‘bones’. 
    • Slice a green apple lengthways, sandwich slices together using peanut butter then stick a grape on each slice (with the sticky peanut butter) for horrific looking disembodied eyes. 
    • Cut bread slices into ghost shapes, top with Philadelphia cheese and add raisins for eyes. 
    • Serve pomegranate or cherry (or any red colour juice) juice in glasses decorated with a little red coulis for ‘cups of blood’. 
    • When it comes to dessert, you can just let your imagination run away with you. Why not try a scoop of ice cream topped with a blue or green Smartie which you decorate with a tiny dot of chocolate icing. Drizzle raspberry sauce over the eyeballs to give them a suitably ‘bloodshot’ appearance. 
    • Make a batch of wiggly jelly worms – get a pack of plastic straws and hold them together with a rubber band and place upright in a container. Make up some jelly mix and pour

    into the straws and leave to set. Squeeze the jelly worms out of the straws and into a serving dish for a slimy sweet treat. 

    • Make Ice Cream Witches – put a blob of ice cream onto a plate, top with an upside down cone and use choc chips and dried fruit to decorate the faces. 
    • Decorate digestive biscuits with an icing kit – draw on six lines intersecting the centre of each biscuit, then join the lines to make a spider’s web. 
    • Use chocolate chips to turn shop bought meringue blobs into spooky ghosts.
    •  Spread slices of bread with cream cheese, roll up into a finger shape, cut in lines for knuckles and top with an almond ‘fingernail’. 

    With a bit of imagination, you should be able to make some stunning horrific finger foods for your little ones to make your Halloween Party a spooky affair. Use green or orange paper plates and napkins for the tableware to add to the scary atmosphere. And for an extra finishing touch, buy a bag of plastic spiders to scatter on the table.he fingers look ‘fresh cut’).

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