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Khaadi is one of the leading Pakistani brands. It is trending for its dress collection for every season. This brand has launched a great variety of women’s wear. They have all the stuff from unstitched to stitched. Khaadi apparel is available for all men, women, and kids. They have clothes made of various fabrics like khaddar, linen, silk, marina, Cambria, etc. Khaadi includes unstitched suits, Khaadi Pret, Khaadi bottoms, etc.

The Khaadi pret is a unique way of dressing with modern styles. They are very demanding because of their different designs and fabrics. Khaadi Pret mainly involves Kurta Pajama, frocks, Kurta dupatta. This clothing brand provides supreme quality and designs in different price ranges. They are continuously spreading their collection while remaining their good quality.

Khaadi 3 Piece Unstitched Collections

Khaadi 3 Piece Unstitched Collections 2

New Arrival of Khaadi X Esra:

Esra Belgic, a Turkish actress is now the brand ambassador of Pakistan’s famous brand Khaadi. She is popular in Pakistan because of her Turkish Drama Dirilis Ertugrul. She played the role of Halima Sultan. She dressed up with the Khaadi collection now called as Khaadi X Esra collection.

It contains unstitched suits, readymade suits, western and Khaas collection. These dresses are made of different types of fabrics including wool, cambric, khaddar, marina, organza, velvet, cotton, silk, etc. Khaadi X Esra suits are available in all sizes and in several amazing colors. These suits are high in demand and of the latest fashion.

They are available in printed form and also in embroidered patterns. There are Kurtas, frocks, Shalwar Kameez, long coats, skirts, 3 piece suits, etc. New Khaadi Suits are a special addition to the modern fashion world. There are also luxurious suites that are suitable for semi-formal wear. They have a huge female attraction and are a comfortable fit for them.

Khaadi Women Suits:

They have introduced a huge collection of women’s wear. Khaadi has clothes for women of every fabric and every season. Women are always ready to update their closets with the latest trends and the Khaadi collection plays a key role in this. Women’s outfits by Khaadi are very reliable and of extraordinary quality. They are best for casual and formal wear. These suits are also best for Eid and other occasions.

Khaadi Winter Collection:

As the winter season arrives, dress up stylish and warm for cold days. Khaadi’s winter collection is the best winter dress collection to enhance your style and comfort. Mostly stuff like Khaddar, Marina, and Linen is perfect to keep you warm and relax. Winter dresses of Khaadi include printed and embroidered suits. Khaadi sale for winter adds excitement for shopping.

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Khaadi Winter Collections for Women

Khaddar Printed Suits:

Khaadi winter dress collection includes routine one-piece suits like kurta, frock, tights, pants, etc. They also consist of two-piece suits which include Kurta pants, Shalwar Kameez, etc. These are modern suits with versatile prints on them. They are available in many colors and shades. This winter 2 piece suit is best to wear for a party or casual wear. They are made of a blended fabric of several pastel colors.

They are beautiful dresses that will make you withstand winter this time. As the cold breezes increase, there come the three-piece khadi printed suits. These are suits with shawls and dupattas of very warm stuff i.e; Khaddar. Khaadi three-piece suits are beautifully printed and manufactured. They are best for winter to save from the cold. Their long warm shawls are the best and stylish outfit for winter.

Khaddar Embroidered Suits:

Khaddar suits are also embroidered apart from printing to look more attractive. They are very stylish suits for winter and best for casual and formal occasions. These Khaddar dresses possess high-quality embroidery along with warmth to the person wearing them. They have several versatile features showing the unique character of the dress. These dresses are made of the finest natural fabric.

They have high absorbent and washable properties. Their finishing is very good and they give a good fashionable feel. Embroidery on these suits will increase your fashion style and will lead you to the most rending fashion apparel.

Marina Printed Suits:

Marina is a fabric that is best for winters. They are designed very beautifully and regulate your body temperature. In winter they are surely the best choice to wear but they can also be worn in the initial days of the spring season. These Printed suits are very comfortable and of beautiful prints.

Marina Embroidered Suits:

Marina fabric is best to wear this winter and it is a thick fabric. They are washable and of full finishing. Khaadi attire made of marina fabric is very warm and stylish. These printed dresses are trending nowadays. They are highly durable and washable. Their characteristic features make them unique to wear in the winter season. The versatility of these printed dresses has its characteristic importance. They are high in demand nowadays.

Khaadi Shawls Suits:

Shawls are the best outfit for the winter season. Khaadi has introduced its shawls and shawl suits to wear this winter for women. They are very high in quality and style. Shawl suits are very cozy and warm that protects from the cold breeze and also gives style to the females. Some shawls are printed while mostly are embroidered that have a unique impact on the viewer.

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Khaadi Summer Collection:

Khaadi is the most demanded brand of Pakistan. It has launched a large variety of summer dresses. The lawn is much in demand and highly worn in the summer season. These summer dresses possess various color patterns and shades. Lightweight fabric clothes are highly recommended in summers so they are made of light fabric. The latest Khaadi summer lawn collection includes digital prints or simple prints on the dresses or only dupattas.

Cambric printed Kurta Pants:

Cambric is the light fabric and is best for summers. Kurta pants are the best outfit for the summer season. They are an ideal dressing for summer. This apparel is very charming and of high quality. Women look gorgeous and attractive in these cambric summer dresses. Khaadi has a variety of suits to wear. They possess energetic shades and are the best choice for light weather.

Cambric printed 3 piece suits:

These three-piece Khaadi suits made of cambric material are good for summer. They are made of amazing colors and fascinating patterns. This dressing has a unique characteristic and possesses high attraction. These dresses are of long use and attractive appeal.

Printed Tunic:

The tunics with fabulous prints are also in fashion nowadays. Khaadi has also launched its beautiful tunics for girls. These are much in demand and can be worn with pants or trousers. They are preferred and liked by women all over Pakistan. These tunics come in various patterns and colors.

They are available in many different sizes. Tunics are a regular fit and best for casual wear. Girls wear these printed tunics in any season of their choice.

Khaadi Eid Collection:

This brand is continuously being on the top list of the female’s choice. Khaadi has launched its beautiful Eid collection for women that is amazing. There are different designs and types of suits to wear on Eid. They come in numerous colors, patterns, styles, and designs. Women always opt for Khaadi outfits first for any occasion because they are high-quality suits and elegant.

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Khaadi Men Suits:

Khaadi introduces the most heartwarming men’s collection for casual and formal wear. They have a broad variety of outfits for men. Khaadi men’s collection is full of style and glamour. Their suits are of fine quality and their color never fades out. There are new and trendy designs for every season. Men of every taste will surely like this latest collection. Men’s outfits are divided mainly into two things Kurtas and bottoms.

Here Kurtas include simple Kurta, embroidered kurta, etc. The bottoms include Shalwar and Pajama. Every type of outfit is available at Khaadi outlets or they are also available at Khaadi online stores. Men are always judged by their ethics and dressing. So the men’s clothing should be perfect for inspiration.

Their suiting has unique design patterns. Khaadi men’s outfits are the perfect choice for any man to wear on casual or any other occasion.

Khaadi Men Kurtas:

There are many types of kurtas for men. It includes printed kurtas, embroidered kurtas, basic kurtas, etc. These kurtas are with Shalwar that gives an appealing look. They are of unique color and men love to wear them on casual and formal days. These Kurtas are made of high-quality stuff and look very attractive on men. Khaadi Men Kurta possesses elegant shades and unique textures. Some kurtas are with prints on their neck side. Some lively men love trendy and lively outfitting. So, for them, Khaadi has introduced every type of Kurta to them.

Khaadi Bottoms:

Khaadi has all the variety for men. It suits best for every man. They are unique outfits with elegant characters. The two most widely preferred men outfit bottoms are Pajama and Shalwar. Men wear Kurtas with any of these. It is a simple and elegant look. Kurtas must be worn with Pajamas of contrasting colors or mainly black and white.

Shalwar is mostly compared with the Khaadi Kurta collection by men. This brand is leading in this term also where it has released its new men Kurta and Shalwar Collection.

These are very comfortable. Shalwar Kameez is also the national dress of Pakistan. So, it is high in demand. The Khaadi online store also consists of these bottoms and suits.

Khaadi Online Shopping:

Khaadi suits are available at all their outlets. But for time-saving Khaadi has also an online store from where people can easily buy apparel. Online shopping is the most convenient one so, many people choose to buy dresses online. Khaadi has always made its name in terms of quality and style.

Apart from this it also provides ease to its customers who can’t easily go to the outlets and buy the latest dresses. Khaadi online sale also comes in a market where it provides its dress collection at reasonable prices.

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