Men's Fashion 2017 - Latest Pakistani Men's Trending Clothes Fashion

Let’s talk about men’s fashion 2018 and also trend of latest fashion for men’s. Fashion is an inspiration that is equally taken up by men and women. Women are known to have more craze and adoption of latest trends in clothes, shoes, hair cuttings, accessories, and jewelry. They want to have everything that looks contemporary and voguish. But now, this all equally applies to men as well who to want to wear latest and trendy clothes, matching accessories, branded shoes and stylish haircuts.

Keeping in view the taste and rising acquisition of trendy materials among men, fashion trends are now introduced every year for men also. These innovations are introduced in clothing, shoes, hairstyles and accessories but the clothes mainly remain in limelight being the most elaborative part of personality.

Men's Fashion 2017 - Latest Pakistani Men's Trending Clothes Fashion

Men’s Fashion 2018 – Men’s Trending Fashion:

In 2018, both traditional or ethnic clothes and stylish western fused modern clothes are in focus. In ethnic clothes, shalwar kameez still is the most popular dress among men and boys. Traditional shalwar kameez are now having different cuts and innovative styles are in demand. This men’s fashion has taken many variations and looks more sophisticated and up to date. Shalwar kameez are carried for many formal events like weddings, small parties and most popular for casual wear.

For grooms, this shalwar kameez has become an iconic dress with modifications like
[su_list icon=”icon: male” icon_color=”#bb1e26″]

  • Shalwar Qameez with Kulla
  • Kurta Shalwar with Sherwani
  • Shalwar Qameez with Wasket
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Dresses for Men 2018

And other similar forms. More style has been added to kameez when this is paired with

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  • Churidar pajama
  • Straight pajamas
  • Kurta pajama
  • Kurta pajama with wasket
  • Kurta pajama with sherwani


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These dresses look really amazing for formal and semi-formal gatherings. Usually, this type of men’s wear is paired with khussa, sandals, Boots, and soft shoes.

In 2018, the trend for 3-piece dress suits, 2-piece dress suits, and dress shirts are more in demand for formal dresses. These dresses look really splendid for gatherings of offices, formal dinners and equally for wedding occasions. Usually, the dress pants are carried for semi-formal events and latest trendy shirts seem to be more decent for casual wear.

Dress Pants for Men 2018

Last few years have seen the transformation in color range for men. In 2018, men’s fashion, color range for men includes vibrant and bright colors with embroideries on the neckline, tilla, dabka and gotta work on kameez and sherwani fronts. Shirts with digital printing and refreshing collar designs are also in focus.

Latest Men Jeans 2018

Several innovations are presented in fashion shows every month for men’s wear and are appreciated by many.

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