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A deposit bonus has almost become standard these days. This is especially true when new players make the first deposit. In this case, one speaks of a welcome. online casino bonus 400 prozent . Welcome bonus offers are quite common but can sometimes differ significantly from provider to provider in form and amount. Some arcades are much more creative than others. From time to time, the first deposit bonus differs only marginally or is even divided into several deposits.

With a 400 casino bonus, you can have more fun in the online casino.

Sometimes, as a player, you receive a bonus after successfully registering, also referred to as a no deposit bonus. No question, the welcome bonus offers are diverse and lucrative. One of the particularly lucrative bonuses is the 400% welcome bonus. You can dust off this 400% bonus Germany more often than you think. We will tell you what this real money casino bonus is about, how and where you can get it, and what you should pay attention to.

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What is a 400 deposit bonus at online casinos, and how does it work?

An online casino’s 400% welcome bonus is a bonus payment. To receive this bonus payment, you must register in an online casino and make a deposit. As a rule, the 400% casino bonus is credited with the first deposit. But some casinos go even. Further, they not only grant a 400% deposit bonus on the first deposit but also reward the second, third, or even the fourth deposit with another real money bonus.

So let’s note that when an online casino advertises a 400% bonus, you get real money match-ups of four times your deposited amount. The 400% bonus is always given with a monetary amount. It looks like this: 400% bonus up to 200 euros. This amount indicates the maximum limit for the 400% deposit bonus.

What to look out for before using a 400 Casino Bonus 

If you’re promised a 400% first deposit bonus at an online casino, you’ll get it. At least if you have observed one of the most important details of the 400% online casino bonus. Of course, the 400% bonuses have more than just four criteria, but you should always pay special attention to the four that we will cover in more detail, as there can be big differences between them.

The maximum amount of the 400  bonus offers

As we learned above, the 400% casino bonus is always given together with a monetary amount. The 400% bonus surcharge is only available up to a maximum amount. The amount above this maximum amount is not increased with a 400% online casino bonus. Exactly at this maximum amount, however, the 400% bonuses can sometimes be worlds apart.

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The turnover requirements

If 400% of the online casino bonus is credited to the player account after the deposit, you can start playing immediately. Or rather, you even have to play the games because that’s how the wagering requirements are met. Deposit bonuses are always tied to them, and they show how often you have to use the 400% bonus you received to play before you can make a withdrawal.

The ratio by which the games contribute towards meeting the wagering requirement of the 400% bonus at the casino

It is not uncommon for different games to count in a different ratio towards meeting the 400% Casino Bonus wagering requirement. For example, often only the slot machines are credited with 100%, other games with 50%, or even only with 25%.

Depositing funds with certain payment methods may be excluded from the 400% Casino Bonus Germany.

Sometimes the Casino Bonus 400% can only be claimed if the first deposit was made using one of the specified payment methods. According to numerous test reports, this limitation of 400% bonuses often applies to certain e-wallets.

How to get your 400  Deposit Casino Bonus

This real money online casino bonus is a so-called sign-up bonus. This means that signing up is a prerequisite for even receiving the deposit bonus. This term also reveals another requirement because, of course, you can only receive a deposit bonus if you make a deposit. The individual steps to receive the 400 Casino Bonus Germany are as follows:

The payment methods of a casino with a 400% casino bonus in Germany

As already described, a 400% casino bonus on the first deposit can only be received by those who have made a deposit. At this point, however, we would like to draw your attention to possible payment methods excluded from the 400% bonus. You need to complete an online transaction to get your money transfer going. Fortunately, the casinos, which also include one or the other 400% bonus casino, cooperate with numerous payment service providers to make their players as many offers as possible.

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What alternative bonus offers are there?

A 400% casino bonus is, without a doubt, an outstanding offer. Nevertheless, it can, of course, happen that this offer does not suit you or your preferences. This can be for various reasons, such as personal commitments making it impossible to meet the bonus terms within the allotted time or if a player prefers to play with smaller stakes.

In these cases, it makes sense to look for a smaller bonus and use a 50%, 100%, or 200% bonus. However, if this starting balance is too low for you, you should look around for a bonus offer of 500%.

Like all bonuses of all other promotions, the 400% casino bonus is also subject to certain bonus conditions. With the turnover requirements and the values ​​of the games, such as slots, we already have two bonuses.

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