Class might have a subjective definition, but we can all agree it’s about looking good and decent. Many try to dress up classy but they end up looking worse. You don’t necessarily need an expensive three-piece suit to bring out your class. You just need to know what you are doing and do it right. Here are some very simple and basic tips for men to look classy. 

Always Look Groomed

You should always look like you take care of yourself. For that, it’s important that your facial hair is groomed. Since you can’t visit a barber every day, it’s best to buy a clipper from Andis and use it every day for grooming. Furthermore, you should also maintain a good hairstyle that does not look like a mess. With a clipper at home, you will be able to try different styles to find your look. 

Don’t Laugh with Mouth Open

It looks very uncultured when someone laughs with their mouth wide open. Make sure you don’t give anyone any reason to question your manners. You should laugh but in a respectable manner. Normally, smiling should be more than enough. Not laughing also doesn’t mean that you should keep an attitude. Be humble and polite but respectable. 

Learn How to Wear Clothes

Most of the time, it’s not about what you are wearing that defines the class; it’s about how you are wearing. Whatever you wear, make sure you make the best of it. One important thing is the size of your clothes. They should not be too tight or too loose. They should be properly pressed and cleaned and look fresh even if you have worn them many times before. 

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Get a Good Watch

Watch is the only jewelry a man should wear, and it should be displayed with pride. One good watch can add to your personality and build a classy appearance. Avoid wearing sports or smart watches in a formal place or event. Go for a simple, preferably leather band, watch that goes with almost all attires. 

Follow Minimalist Style 

You won’t look classy if you are trying to look classy. The goal is to look good without making it feel like you are trying. For that, you should follow what every minimalist follows. Don’t wear a lot and try to make the most of little. Wear colors but don’t be colorful and prefer quality over quantity. 

Look After Your Skin

Treat your skin like the only pair of clothing one can have. It gets old and damaged with time if you don’t take care of it. It should look like you care about yourself and are always in your best position. Follow a basic skincare routine that includes exfoliation and moisturizing. 

Avoid Wearing Too Many Accessories

Wearing too many accessories like wristbands or rings takes away that classy look. If you have to wear something, it should be a watch and a maximum of one ring that is as simple as possible. Accessories give you a boyish look who is trying too hard to look cool.

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