Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

    A nice blouse is a key piece in our wardrobe that will help us put together outfits for every occasion. Let’s remember that for two summers the off-shoulder trend invaded us furiously. However, this year it says goodbye stealthily and several equally feminine options arrive in its place, but with a more modern vibe. Today we will show you various options that can help you put together ideal trend looks to take almost anywhere.
    1. Blouse or shirt with baggy sleeves. A garment that still attracts attention. Recommended for girls with few hips as it will create volume in that area.
    2. Vichy print blouse. Last summer it was very fashionable and this spring although to a lesser degree it continues to be present in various types of garments. If you have a mesh ruffle top, blouse, or shirt with this type of print, then take advantage and take it for a walk.

    3. Blouse with ruffled sleeves. Ruffles are the hit this season, so blouses with this type of sleeves are one of the garments that I have seen the most in all stores. They are feminine, cheerful, and every spring.
    4. Asymmetric or one-shoulder blouse. The off-shoulder neckline gave way to the one-shoulder neckline. A resource that we will see in different types of garments because they are very feminine, elegant, and fresh.
    5. Blouse with lace or ruffles throughout the body. I think the celebrity this season is the ruffled blouse on various parts of the body, including those on the chest. The task now is to find one that is not very common so as not to be the same as the rest.
    6. Blouse with transparencies. Ideal for the night, the blouse with transparency is always welcome in hot weather. This time, we will see her appear often in broad daylight. We have seen several options, plain, stamped, and with applications.
    7. Striped shirt or blouse. The stripes are not missing but this time they come with different cuts and versions (in addition to applications). We love stripes and we think that a blouse with this type of print is a must-have in the women’s closet.
    Join the season trend with these tops with ruffle sleeves:
    Ruffles are still on the rise as a summer trend to add volume to our looks, from the most casual to the most sophisticated. They arrived on the catwalks a few seasons ago and have not left the garments, whether in the form of maxi ruffles, cascades of ruffles, double or triple ruffles, or small waves… They take over the sleeves, straps, shoulder pads, and even necklines or hems to give an extra to our clothes.
    And if you don’t believe us, jump on the celeb favorite trend with this Lefties t-shirt. Today we bring you several essential pieces with a common detail: the ruffles. Because a blouse, top, or t-shirt adorned with a powerful ruffle cannot be missing from your wardrobe, regardless of your style. And if you want more waves and volume in your clothes, check out this fluid jumpsuit that has conquered us.
    Shirt – Never go out of style:
    One of those garments that never go out of style and that should be part of any wardrobe is the shirt. A versatile, elegant, feminine garment… But, given the infinity of cuts and styles, how to choose a blouse that enhances our body?
    The following tips will allow you to make the right choice in your next purchase since depending on the pattern of the garment, its accessories, or its fall favour certain parts of the body and/or, on the contrary, hide them. Take note!

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    Big chest:
    Opt for the V-neckline, which favours and stylizes, and without buttons to prevent shirts that look good on the back from opening at the front.
    Small chest:
    Backless cami is in fashion this season, so if you don’t have too much bust you can gain volume in the front with flowing shirts, ruffles or some kind of gather or bow.
    Wide back:
    The blouse that best hides the wide back is a classic fitted shirt. You mustn’t have shoulder pads that enhance the volume of this area. The V-neckline is also once again a perfect solution for concealing the shoulders, as it draws two diagonal lines on the chest that visually reduce the distance between the shoulders.
    Narrow shoulders:
    If, on the other hand, you have few shoulders, you should choose a blouse that allows you to reveal them, since this favours your constitution. In addition, sleeveless blouses are a trend.
    To hide the typical tummy, a male shirt can be the solution since its square cut does not fit the body and allows you to camouflage that area.
    Very straight body:
    If you want to give your body curves, choose a shirt that has volume sleeves, ruffles, fringes… You will see how your structure seems less linear. This type of garment will also flatter you if you have a wide waist.
    Wide hips and thighs:
    If you have wide thighs and want to hide them, get a dress-type shirt that covers that area. Choose a vertical striped pattern to visually stylize that area.
    As you can see, there is a chain halter top for every need and this spring the houses offer multiple varieties of the blouse so that you can wear this very flattering garment.