Our team closely monitors trends in website and app development. Our goal is to provide the best experience possible for our team. Experts from Dworkz, a company provides web design & development services, helps us to be at the forefront of trends and technologies. According to our experts, web design is a glimpse into the future. The goal of designers is to immerse users in the product as much as possible, thanks to the rapid development of digital web technologies.

The most noticeable trends in web design for the next year are reflective of the style of graphic design that was popular in the 80s and 90s of the last century. Back then, typography played a major role in the design, characterized by scattered, brightly colored shapes and sharply demarcated lines. Web designers pay tribute to modernity by using live animation and interactive elements in their work, thanks to which the interfaces of sites and applications attract and hold the attention of users for a long time.

5 web design trends for 2023

1.Memphis style

It is a distinctive feature of a lot of randomly scattered shapes and patterns on the canvas. The popularity of this style peaked in the 1980s. The flashy and adventurous aesthetic of the Memphis style contrasts with minimalism and sophistication. Against the backdrop of the asceticism and constructivism of modern sites, the Memphis style appears to be a flash of individuality, which, with its immediacy, calls for the sincerity of users.

2.Hero Text style

The trick is that the first block on the main page is what users see first. The main element in the Hero Text is typography. This is a banner that, instead of featuring a beautiful woman, shows the product with the help of a text message. The last is an independent design element. The letters and numbers are styled. With the help of typography, it is possible to immediately capture the attention of users. Hero Text style is suitable for designing mobile-oriented applications. It is suitable for design as an illustration of texts written in an informative style, for example, for news portals.

3.Retro Revolution

As the memory of the design of the world’s first web resources begins to fade, forward-thinking web designers are drawing inspiration from the very past in which the World Wide Web was born. At that time, the design style of the interfaces had no name and is known under the conditional name of Web 1.0 style. Its distinguishing features include bright background color, visible border markings, and robotic fonts like Courier.

The retro revolution is also an example of the excesses of color, graphics, and shapes – this was the design when there were no rules yet, but there was the enthusiasm of the designers. Inspired by the enthusiasm of the pioneers and armed with 30 years of experience, web designers of tomorrow open up endless possibilities, unconstrained by any conventions.

4.Visible borders

Web design excellence is achieved when web design elements create the illusion of magic, with which web design elements float freely in digital space, obediently obeying the user’s touch on the touch screen. Borders help to delimit ate interface elements, and borders on a contrasting background help to further distinguish them. Borders help to control the user’s attention on the site, so they highlight the main thing from the secondary. 

5.Engaging interactive

New web technologies allow you to animate any element of the interface. In the previous few years, the first screen of a web page and the gaps between blocks of pages were animated, as well as transitions between pages. In the next 2023, web designers are expected to apply large-scale interactive interface elements. When hovering over such elements, they respond unexpectedly to user activity. Such elements are meant to interest the user and make him interact with 3D objects without a specific goal, similar to how people play with pets. It is only to get feedback, without any meaningful or functional component. 

Separately, it is worth noting such web design trends in 2023 as neo-brutalism – this is a digitized continuation of the architectural style of the 50-70s of the last century. These are distinctive features:

  • naturalism of surfaces of raw materials – concrete, brick, wood, and iron,
  • primitive HTML without the use of styles,
  • asymmetric layouts,
  • standard fonts, 
  • raw photographs.

Neo-brutalism appeals to honesty. It wins the trust of users with its nakedness. It is suitable for designing new products and startups. Roughness combined with minimalism, all brought to life with interactive animation, is the key to the trust of today’s customers who expect meaning and action from a product. Neo-brutalism helps to avoid the mistakes that led to the decadence of overly glossy modern designs. 

According to professional web designers at Dworkz, hand-drawn graphics can serve as a point in the story about web design trends for 2023. This is a form of protest by bold designers against overly glossy sites, whose designers rely too heavily on digital tools and have lost the sense of reality, the very sense of individuality that is inherent in sincerity and trust. 

A characteristic of DIY graphics is the use of deliberately unprofessional drawings – asymmetrical patterns, scribbles, lurid collages, as well as analog textures such as crayons and paints. The point of using a DIY style to design the interfaces of websites and applications is to offline interfaces that are too online.


In web design, the mainstream in 2023 will be naturalism and simplicity in a retro style, as well as well-defined interface elements. From a technological standpoint, web design strives for interactivity and intrigue, for which the user is invited to dive into the product to explore.

All of these techniques appeal to the user’s feelings of sincerity. For web designers, the challenge for the next year is to change the Tone of Voice of services and products presented by websites and apps. If professionals have turned to users from sites previously, then friends who offer their goods and services on an equal footing will contact users next year.

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