Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

We all want to find ways to keep the things safe that we love and cherish. But sometimes that can become a tedious job. For example, when we want to buy the right cover for our outdoor furniture, we are faced with so many options to choose from that we get confused. We end up buying them judging by their looks forgetting to check whether they will perform the task well for which they have been made. The money that you are investing to keep your patio furniture intact should be able to do the job of protecting them from the various weather elements. So, while buying we have to invest time too for comparing the products based on their prices, quality, and reviews. Here’s a quick guide that will make the task easy for you. 

Study the product hierarchy before picking the one

Every website has all the products enlisted to make it simple for you to go through the menu, look through the categories and decide according to your requirement. Often you would also find supplemental information listed with the products like a comparison chart, to make it easy for you to understand. Style, size, material, color, price should be the qualities you need to consider while studying the outdoor patio covers.

Keep in mind the potential threats

Your outdoor furniture encounters various threats like rain, hail, snow, dirt, dust, ice, UV rays of the sun, bird droppings, insects, molds, and even wild animals. Keep the threats in mind that your furniture is likely to be exposed to. If you are not sure and are new to a particular geographic region, then do a quick study of the probable weather condition the region experiences throughout the year. Likewise, determine the material to be chosen for the covers. 

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Keep the measurement of the furniture ready

Accurate measurement of the furniture goes a long way in selecting the right cover. They shouldn’t be too loose or too tight for the better passage of air. Just like the well-fitted dresses keep us comfortable, so is true for the furniture covers.

Pay attention to the important features 

The readymade covers come with many added features which you need to pay attention to so that it caters to your personal needs. Some of the features you may want to take into consideration are – 

  • Straps and secures for keeping the covers in place
  • Presence of vent for proper air circulation
  • Presence of grommets at proper space intervals
  • Whether the product is water-resistant or is made up of waterproof fabric
  • Cloth backing (only if it’s required for your patio furniture) to prevent your furniture from getting scratched
  • Warranty period offered with the products
  • Color, size, price, and availability of the chosen design of the cover 


These are some of the guidelines you would require to follow to find the right cover for your patio furniture. But also note that they need maintenance too from time to time to give a longer lifespan to the furniture. Keep a spare space ready to store the covers when not in use. 

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