Many women love fashion and dressing well. They already instinctively possess certain preferences and a certain knowledge of themselves. But then life changes. Needs change and so do our tastes, our bodies and our lifestyle. Or, simply, let’s go back to see each other and take care of ourselves, after years dedicated to family or work. And so we want to rediscover ourselves, also through fashion and our personal style. To deepen the characteristics that make us unique and special – from our colors to our physical characteristics, to our style preferences, to our passions. 

Of course, we would like our style to reflect all of this, making us unique and beautiful.

Often, however, our closets explode with things and so does our head. Then comes the desire to simplify and love what we have, enhancing it and learning to buy better. We all know that it’s not just about our relationship with the closet. We want to feel ourselves, to express ourselves to the fullest also through our style. To see ourselves beautiful and elegant, but in a unique, personal way . If you want to share the following keys on Instagram to receive more free Instagram followers, it is great.

The 3 most important fundamental keys for a fabulous style

  1. Finding the right pieces that fit us and enhance us

The ones that suit your lifestyle, your style and your tastes, and that bring out the best in your physical characteristics. 

Style is like a puzzle. It takes all the right pieces to make up the whole image.

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The same goes for style: if you don’t have them all, you can’t create your ideal image.

Plus, when you have all the right pieces, styling becomes easy, a simple game that takes just a few minutes. If you don’t have them, it gets frustrating.

And for your garments and accessories to be just the right ones, they have to fit you in three ways:

LIFESTYLE – Many women don’t have a wardrobe that really serves their daily life. They have beautiful clothes, but they never use because they are waiting for the right moment. What never comes! 

Instead, your closet should be filled with pieces that fit perfectly into your daily lifestyle.  

TASTE AND STYLE – Many women have an idea of what they love and what they would like their style to be, but they can’t always define it clearly. 

So they buy what is good for others or what the fashion of the moment prescribes, only to realize that they really don’t like it on themselves.  

If you don’t like a piece and you don’t really feel it is yours, you won’t feel comfortable and won’t want to wear it.  

PHYSICAL FEATURES – When the clothes don’t fit you, when they tighten you in an unflattering way or you have to constantly fit them, or they don’t flatter you, you don’t want to wear them.  

I understand you perfectly: it happened to me too and it didn’t make me feel good.

But you should never settle for clothes that don’t fit or make you feel comfortable at any time of the day.  

  1. Learn to compose winning outfits
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Once you have the right pieces, the next key is to know how to combine them in order to create perfect outfits – and always different.

Sometimes it seems difficult to do this because the right strategies are lacking. For this reason, many women always repeat the same outfits a little in the morning. 

But with the right styling techniques, building new outfits every day in seconds and changing them often will be a breeze.

  1. Add the finishing touches that enhance each outfit

The devil, and also the style, is often in the details. Those finishing touches that make an outfit truly magical – and very personal. 

Unfortunately, or fortunately, these details are very personal, unique to each of us. For this reason, to find them it is necessary to study thoroughly, understand what really characterizes us, both physically and as style preferences.

But once this analysis is done, creating unique and personal outfits will be a breeze.

When we bring all three of these elements of our style into play, the magic happens.

  • Build a wardrobe that energizes you instead of getting tired, because it really works for your daily life, makes you feel yourself in your best version
  • Open the wardrobe, choose the right pieces and you already know how to match them
  • You feel elegant, comfortable and confident every day

How awesome would that be?

Style becomes something simple and carefree when it is the natural extension of ourselves, both physically and mentally.

When you know the basic style keys, style can be easy for any woman. 

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Learning the right style keys changes everything. It allows you to play a completely different game.

Instead of picking up style tips that help you create a cute dress once in a while, you’ll find that you can easily put together elegant, self-confident dresses every day with ease. 

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