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In the world of fashion and beauty, there is no shortage of trends. However, finding the right combination that works for you can be challenging. You could end up spending hours navigating different websites and looking at countless products in an attempt to find just the right product. This is where the beauty of Africa Prints comes into play. These African print extensions will help you find just the right products for you, and more importantly, they will do it in a format that works for you. So whether you plan on wearing them on an outing or going out for coffee and fashion, African prints offer up a fresh perspective on your wardrobe.

What is African Print?

African print dresses are batik-inspired cotton cloths printed in colorful patterns. They’re produced for clothing in West Africa, specifically Nigeria, Ghana, and Togo. Style is an essential component of fashion, and unique styles distinguish African fashion from the rest of the world. West African Ankara fabrics, Ghanaian Kente, or East African are beautiful and can inspire the unique style that will make your wardrobe stand out.

African fabric prints play a vital role in helping the African diaspora maintain their diverse African cultures. Therefore, these fashion trends must continue to be present in all generations to preserve this cultural connection that Africans across the globe have with one another.

Different uses of African Print

When it comes to the use of traditional African fabrics, individuals appreciate their versatility. This fabric is well known for its use in making traditional clothing, such as shirts, dresses, head wraps, and kaftans. However, it can also be used for other purposes. For example, you can recycle this material into many items besides clothes, such as bags, purses, and quilts. In addition, you can find several ways to wear them depending on your own taste.

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Whether you are looking for a hippie, punky, or stylish look, African print is the perfect choice for the warm season. African print clothes have various unique characteristics due to their particular design. African prints dresses are beautiful, but sometimes it is best to combine them with other styles. For example, you can mix it with shiny metals to highlight the colors of the printed skirts and dresses. They are an excellent way to add a touch of personality to a lady’s outfit without sacrificing professionalism.

For a dress that can be worn all year comfortably, look no further than African dungarees. The heavier-weight ones are perfect for winter, and the lighter fabrics can be worn in summer. These awesome multi-purpose designs aren’t just light and airy – they’re beautiful and could make an outfit out of anything.

Bags & shoes

Think you’re a snappy dresser? Mix and match African print-based shoes with your favoriteAfrican Print Dresses to get extra brownie points. Bold African Wax print shoes or clutch can be a great addition to any stylish outfit. These pieces will make an immediate impact and add some pop to your look. For a pop of color, try a bold clutch purse matched with classic black pumps and a plain black dress. The accessories will draw attention to the clothing and make it look polished.


Although fabrics began as a headwrap, the African fabric is much more versatile than many people believe. As a result, you can create handmade jewelry like earrings and necklaces or funky belts to wear with any outfit. In addition to wearing typical souvenir jewelry made from African textiles, there is a wide variety of uniquely designed accessories valued among collectors.

Reasons to love African print dresses

There are many perks to wearing women’s African print clothing. First of all, the prints are pretty versatile and can easily be dressed up or done down for different occasions. Because they can be worn in a greater variety of ways, this ensures that your prints will get more use and hence last longer. The best part is that you can easily find African wax print clothing both online and in stores close to you. Several sites are offering a variety of African fashion that is a perfect fit for anyone.

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Due to the high quality of African wax print fabric, the designs are bright and welcoming. African print dresses offer a unique sense of fashionability. You can match this fabric with many outfits to create a unique sense of fashionability, primarily if the patterns are used to make clothing. You don’t see these typically on the high street as it has a traditional feel, so wearing this can also give you an edge against competitors who only wear mass-market brands.

African print dressesis a great way to make a bold statement. The unique stitching and colors used in creating the cloth are used to tell stories about people, their values, and their beliefs. It makes you feel good about yourself and generates positive energy for when you need it the most. As a result of its 100% cotton material content, the clothing is highly breathable and helps you stay cool in hot weather. The fabric is also easy to care for as it can be machine-washed and tumble-dried, retaining its color and softness.

African Womenswear Style Ideas

Don’t have the time or patience to experiment with different looks for your African print dresses? No problem! We have several easy looks that are quick and effortless.

Colorful shirts with Jeans

African print shirts are famous for their unique patterns and diverse colors. You could wear a long sleeve or short-sleeved African print shirt with matching trousers in a neutral color like black, dark grey, or beige for a classy look. You can also wear this type of shirt as an open-front cardigan sweater. On the other hand, you could wear a long sleeve or short-sleeved African print shirt with matching trousers in a neutral color like black, dark grey, or beige for an elegant look. You can also wear this type of shirt as an open-front cardigan sweater.

You can wear an African print shirt with jeans of any color for a fun, casual look. However, for a more thoughtful look, wear jeans or jeggings in a darker shade of blue.

Pair African Print Trouser with a casual shirt

Hot, warm, or even cool weather; you can always rely on colorful shorts and trousers to give your look that extra kick. Consider teaming a simple t-shirt or singlet with a pair of custom-made African print trousers or shorts for a look that’s ready to go whenever you are. Add a pair of shoes with some color, maybe a couple of trainers, and a simple shirt or top to make the outfit, and there you have it. African print dresses are so comfortable. They’re ideal for wearing around the house, lounging on the sofa.

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African Print Skirt with a Plain Shirt

African print skirts are an excellent combination of lightweight, elegant and versatile. They are as appropriate for the boardroom as they are for your local hang-out. When you’re wearing leg bare, add accessories that compliment your outfit and keep it simple in the summer. Coordinate with flats or some flat sandals to keep your look relaxed and casual. When the weather begins to cool off, add tights or a pair of leggings to your skirt for extra warmth, then throw on some boots or trainers and a jumper to keep warm.

Fit’ n’ flare skirts would make an excellent winter investment. They have a flattering optical illusion design, and the stretchy fabric makes them easy to wear under any outfit. With a few simple changes, anyone can wear fit’ n’ flare skirts comfortably.

The bright colors of the print and the multitude of intricate patterns look stunning with a plain colored shirt tucked inside the waistband. Wear it with a blouse in an equally eye-catching print or, if you prefer, choose the best print top that complements your African skirt. With a ready-to-wear or custom-made African print skirt, you can be creative with different tops and shirts too. Caucasian prints are also worn in this manner, but they need not be strongly fitted. They can look fantastic with t-shirts or loose blouses with a tie around the neck without looking too formal.

Pair Trousers with strappy heels

If you like a strappy yet subtle look, this is one you can definitely pull off yourself. Make sure you have some spare shoes at home that have straps. Longer straps will work best. Wrap around the ankle on the outside of your African print trousers. Whether it’s jeans, chinos, or cigarette pants, style them with a colorful top to add a bit of boldness to your look.

Wear African print dresses with clunky boots

Another look to pull off if you have a pair of chunky ankle boots at home. They look great when worn with African print dresses or even floaty maxi-length dresses. This is also a significant trend that can easily transition from summer into winter.


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