Fashion revolution in sub-continent not only inspired women but also changed the mood of men in their dressing. Now, men are equally conscious and trendy while choosing their clothes and want to look perfect on gatherings, weddings, offices, and workplaces and they need best dresses for men. Several fashion designers every year launch dresses for men collection lines besides women seasonal collections. Many experiments to design classic, traditional but contemporary clothes have been done in this regard and now, various clothing styles are available which can be adopted according to the event or for daily wear.

Dresses for Men 2017 - Kurta, Sherwani, Jeans, Coat, Dress Pants

Dresses for Men | Designer Men Wear:

Kurta and Shalwar Kameez Dresses:

Traditional kurta has taken many versatile shapes are more voguish and trendy now. Earlier, these kurta’s were simple and only available in limited colors and fabrics. But now, there are Kurta styles which are more ethnic and trendy dresses for men.

Kurta for Men

Kurta’s for Men

Embroidered shalwar kameez with embroidery on neckline, cuffs, shoulders and sleeves and a back motif are in recent trend. The more chic and classy looks are given by using vibrant colors. These styles are the ultimate choice for semi-formals, wedding parties, mehndi and small gatherings.

Shalwar Kameez for Men

Plain Kurta shalwar is another choice for men dresses. Daily wardrobe solutions can easily be enjoyed with these innovative styles like short or long Kurtas and small cut work around the neckline of Kurta.

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Kurta Pajama and Sherwani:

For ceremonies and festivals, older silhouettes which look conventional and trendy are more in demand. Kurta pajama and sherwani are preferred dresses for men mostly for formal events. These styles for men are available with subtle and intricate embroidery and in a variety of light and heavy fabrics.

Kurta Pajama for Men

Sherwani does also have thread work and is specially designed for grooms every year. These sherwanis have zari, gota, sequin and other patterns on them and are usually made in velvet, Borocade, and other heavy fabrics.


Sherwani 2018

Jeans and Casual shirts:

Jeans and casual shirts for men come for particular teenagers and are designed by top designers. These are very comfortable and can easily be carried for routine wardrobe. T-shirts in half and full sleeves, round necks, collars, v-shaped necklines are very popular and in demand.

Jeans and Casual Shirts for Men

Jeans for Men 2018

Formal Pants and Coats:

The most excessively demanded and liked are the two-piece and three-piece suits of men. These suits are liked by all the age groups and are more comfortable choice for weddings, formal, official and semi-formal events. Dresses for men are designed with different coat cuts and pant styles with loose and tight pants. Coat neckline styles remain iconic and are specific to targeted age group.

Formal Pants and Coat for Men

Dress Pants for Men

Men have equally verities for their wardrobe as compare to women and still, innovations are introducing new dressing styles for men every day.

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