Current mobile virtual casinos in India offer many interesting solutions. One of the innovations of recent months is tournaments with huge jackpots.

Online casino tournaments rules

Operators of online mobile casino India need to keep customers active somehow. The best way is by publishing promo codes for no-deposit bonuses and organizing tournaments. Tournaments are based on the slots showcase and include multi-million dollar jackpots.

The grid of competitive tournaments is constantly being edited. Tournaments can be run on behalf of the administration as well as by partners. Classic casino customers will find the following:

  • Weekly tournaments with a fixed jackpot. Users are invited to join the race for a prize pool of between Rs 100,000 and Rs 100,000,000. Users bet on machines with similar mechanics. Ranking points are awarded for winning combinations. The top three take more than 70% of the prize pool and the rest of the money is divided among the top ten.
  • Exclusive holiday events. The start of a new season or the end of another year is usually accompanied by big tournaments. These tournaments are divided into parts. The first round becomes a qualification. Not everyone qualifies for the final draw, but participants will have a chance to compete for the jackpot of more than Rs 10000000.
  • Tournaments from slot machine providers. Slot manufacturers use casino platforms to promote their brands and publish new slots. A visitor can enter the race for the progressive jackpot. The total amount of prize money depends on the number of participants. It is not uncommon for gamblers to fight for a reward of more than Rs. 20,000,000.
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Anyone can participate in the tournament. The player does not need to buy a ticket or make a deposit. The exception is the event that is organized among VIP club members. To enter closed events, you must first activate your VIP profile.

Can a beginner win in an online casino tournament?

Most first-time gamblers bypass the tournament tab. Visitors assume that you have to have a huge budget to win a tournament event. This is partly true. Some events are organized exclusively for high rollers.

The weekly events are available to everyone. The user needs to pay attention to the rules:

  • The number of winnings and the participant’s budget are irrelevant. In traditional gambling competitions, ranking points are equated to the odds a gambler receives on a winning bet.
  • For example, an event participant has registered a bet of Rs 10 per spin. Already in the next spin, a payout that is 1000 times the initial bet falls out. The player receives 1000 rating points and immediately moves to the top of the standings.
  • The user can spin the reels in the tournament machines around the clock, or he can make just one bet and win. Therefore, even a beginner with a budget of just Rs 100 has a chance to win.

Prize event announcements are available in advance. The administration will notify via email if the user has subscribed, as well as via Telegram channels and blogs in other social networks. The club’s customers can familiarize themselves in advance with the names of the slots, practice, and prepare money for betting.

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Modern casinos don’t just offer real money prizes. Some tournaments offer only bonuses as rewards. Other events may involve tangible gifts. These include the latest versions of iPhones, MacBooks, quadcopters, and even premium foreign cars.

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