Latest Eid ul Azha Dresses Collection 2017 by Top Pakistani Brands

Let’s present with you Latest Eid ul Azha Dresses Collection 2018 by Top Pakistani Brands like Gul Ahmed, Khaadi, Nishat Linen, Alkaram, KAYSERIA and Junaid Jamshed. Muslims are bestowed with two remarkable festivals in their life. Though we celebrate many festivals, occasions, birthdays, weddings, parties, reunions etc. but the flavor of EID cannot be denied. All of us experience amazing happiness, a special religious spirit, and enthusiasm when it comes to festivals like EID’s.

EID are a special gift for all Muslims of the world and the beauty of EID is that every member of the society celebrates it. All of us wait for EID throughout the year. Especially, the happiness and flavors of EID-ul-Adha are unmatchable and the spirit with which this EID 2018 is celebrated is quite remarkable and worth watching.

Latest Eid ul Azha Dresses Collection 2017 by Top Pakistani Brands

To complement EID celebrations and to look according to the festival, all of us wear new clothes and dresses and buy new shoes and other accessories. As most of the people are on the job now and have limited time to design and stitch clothes at their own, most of us prefer to take them from the market and now we see trendy, stylish and fashionable clothes available easily.

Dress designers, professionals, and labels have made people easy in choosing their EID Dresses. Leading fashion houses of Pakistan now have amazing and breathtaking collections by many leading labels and brands.

Top Pakistani Eid ul Azha Dresses Collection 2018 for Ladies by Famous Brands:

Luxury EID Collection by Khaadi for EID-ul-Adha 2018:

The charm of KHAADI cannot be denied. Every woman chooses KHAADI as the first and top most choice for formal and casual wear. Though some dresses have high prices many are in affordable range and the most amazing aspect is the quality of the fabric. KHAADI LUXURY EID COLLECTION 2018 will definitely take your heart away. Bright and vibrant hues, amazing color combinations, wondering designs and well-worked fabrics will not let you choose your EID Dress from some other place.

Clothes have been designed according to the MID Summer Clothing Demands and are really fabulous. All dresses displayed have the special EID LUXURY FLAVOR and ETHNIC & EXOTIC touch very much required by our traditions of EIDs. Prints are really amazing with INTRICATE GEOMETRICAL PATTERNS and amazing designs. Borders and sleeves of the shirts are really fabulous and are given more consideration as they look extremely eye catching.

Heavily EMBROIDERED CHIFFON SHIRTS with SATIN PRINTED BACKS & EMBROIDERED CHIFFON DUPATTAS are really breathtaking and spectacular. You will be inspired with every single dress showcased on this Luxury EID ul Azha Dresses COLLECTION 2018.

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EMBROIDERED CAMBRIC SHIRTS with LAWN DUPATTAS are another feature of this wondering EID Collection 2018. Stylish dresses of this collection also include bright and trendy 3-piece of PRINTED CHAMOIS SILK SHIRTS with TISSUE SILK DUPATTAS and EMBROIDERED ORGANZA PATTI & LACES. These dresses are really fabulous and perfect to be worn on this EID.


Junaid Jamshed is popular for bringing decency and ethnicity to Eastern Clothing. The brand is famous for targeting a special age bracket but now bringing style and trend for young girls as well. But the major fame of the brand is because of the very traditional and classic prints that it showcases every year and that is very well appreciated throughout.

JUNAID JAMSHED has maintained its very tradition in its latest JUNAID JAMSHED RONAQ-E-EID COLLECTION 2018 for women and the dresses are again getting attention in the fashion town. Unique styling, prints, color combinations and selective thematic designing has added to the beauty of the dresses and goes very well with EID-UL-ADHA demands that involve extensive kitchen work.

Most of the dresses have special designs and patterns and the quality fabric has been used to craft these clothes. The lawn has been used as the preferred fabric for this EID collection and many designs also include PIMA Embroidered Shirts with Lawn Dupattas and Trousers.

Many of these dresses also have Silk Dupattas that are also paired with PIMA Shirts and have Embroidered Motifs and Laces to complement the dress and make it more significant for the festivals like EID. All of the dresses are really stunning and you can enjoy the very special feel of decency and royalty with these amazing clothes.

NISHAT LINEN EID UL AZHA Dresses Collection 2018:

NISHAT LINEN is popular for its slogan that is FABRIC OF PAKISTAN and is known for its exclusive designs and marvelous creations. Every year we see emerging fashions and styles with iconic designs and prints introduced by the brand. No doubt that NISHAT LINEN has brought new designs to traditional women silhouettes and made them more fascinating for the wearer.

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The brand is trendsetter every year and this year NISHAT LINEN EID UL ADHA Dresses Collection 2018 is also fabulous and beholds you. You will be rendered with charm and glory by scintillating amazing 3-piece colored dresses that are beautified with PRINTED TEXTURED CAMBRIC SHIRTS bejeweled with EXTRAVAGENT EMBROIDERED PATTERNS, ALLURING PRINTED SILK DUPATTAS & TEXTURED CAMBRIC TROUSERS.

These dresses are perfect ensemble for any gathering to express the festive palette of EID-UL-ADHA 2018. Many of the dresses of this limited Eid collection 2018 are an utter depiction of poise and elegance and are festooned with beautiful floral printed textured cambric shirts, EXQUISITELY EMBROIDERED PATCHES, ENTHRALLING PRINTED SILK CHIFFON DUAPTTAS that is ideal for all the ladies to flaunt the classy festive colors of this EID 2018.

Magnificence and glamour are added as the special ingredients to this festival collection and you will be enthralled and amazed with every single piece of the collection you see in front of you.


Many of the brands rely on copy paste these days and you will find many similarities among these dresses though they are on different platforms. But GUL AHMED believes and exhibits originality and draws its inspirations from the diverse global arena and packs it under the roof to practice the fact that beauty is universal. At IDEAS by GUL AHMED, you will see a variety of clothing lines including PRET WEAR, UN-STITCHED FABRICS for males and females, FORMAL & SEMI FORMAL CLOTHING and much more. GUL AHMED 2018 EID UL AZHA Dresses Collection 2018 is making a buzz in the market with all of its colors and decency.

The label has again presented an amazing range of traditional line for EID Collection 2018 and these symbolic dresses cannot be ignored at all. PRINTED & EMBROIDERED LAWN SHIRTS, TWO-PIECE & THREE- PIECE DRESSES are the part of this collection and very traditional themes have been used for this EID Wear. LAWN, SILK, CHIFFON, SATIN SILK dress adorned with EMBROIDERED MOTIFS & NECKLINES, ADORNED with EXQUISITE INTRICATE PATTERNS are the part of this amazing Eid dresses collection and are selling like hot cakes.

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Every flavor and ingredient that is needed for any festival dress have been included in this collection and all the features are wonderfully expressed by the leading fashion house. Besides unstitched collection, prêt and stitched fabrics have also been included in this wide range dress options.

ALKARAM Fabulous EID UL AZHA Dresses Collection 2018:

EID happiness cannot be denied and is celebrated by all of us. Everyone enjoys every day of the festival and contributes to making it memorable and remarkable. One aspect is that you can make it more amazing with the classic and traditional outfit and this very desire of you can be well accomplished by the fabulous and amazing collection of ALKARAM EID FABULOUS EID COLLECTION 2018.


These amazing dresses will spell bound you and you will not resist the charms that will be cast by this amazing EID dresses 2018 launch. Just get your favorite outfit by this wonderful collection and celebrate your EID festivities with full zeal and zest.

Enjoy all the majesty and beauty cast by these amazing EID Collection 2018 and be noticed by your family and friends. Choosing an outstanding dress from these collections will double the fun you will have.


Uniqueness is the element that cannot be attributed to all and specifically relates to some only. The feature of uniqueness and quality is very much limited nowadays where we see anyone making and designing dresses and every brand launching and showcasing new clothes as the name of summer and winter clothes and festival collections.

Uniqueness will come with originality and that aspect can be very much witnessed in dresses launched by KAYSERIA that has given a whole new look to traditional couture and to the casual dresses. Classy looks of Eastern ATTIRES have been transformed by the brand very successfully and now we see amazing experiments in casual and formal wear. Fabulous clothing ideas have been showcased for this EID and they are very eye-catching and dazzling.

The label has launched exclusive EID Wear 2018 with traditional styling that looks comfortable, classy and elegant. The age bracket of women from 30-40 is especially attracted by traditional 3-piece dresses while glamorous DIGITAL PRINTED COTTON & CHAMOUSE SHIRTS have been designed for young girls and teens. You can grab an amazing EID outfit for you for this EID by the brand and will be appreciated by all.


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