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    Latest Tulip Pants designs 2017

    Nowadays everyone talks about new Tulip Pants collection. Being up to date about latest fashion is the basic priority and perfect choice of every woman of this modern era. Fashion is incredible changing day by day in Pakistan. Girls who use social media know everything about latest fashion through social apps. Latest dresses are hard to find.

    We are going to introduce the Latest Tulip Pants 2017. The old traditional style of shalwars has been taken again in Pakistan fashion industry. The trend of shalwar has also changed and now you don’t see the simple shalwar kameez as in old days. Girls can easily guess that we are specifically talking about Latest tulip pants. A custom always stays as a pretty part of Pakistan fashion industry so the effort of designing tulip pant is specially done for the ladies who love to wear traditional dresses.

    Latest Tulip Pants designs 2017

    How to Stitch Tulip Pants:

    Everyone can be wearing the trendy Tulips pants for the both formal and informal use. The pretty and versatile features of tulip pants are making them sell like yummy cupcakes. Tulip pants can be worn with the short shirt, short frock, a-line shirt and loose shirt.

    Step 1:

    The fabric that you have chosen to stitch your bottom needs to be folded double.

    Step 2:

    Then overlap the two corners of the rectangle down to the center, keep a difference of about 2 inches.


    The upper area of the corner will serve as the top of the tulip pant and the tip of the cone will become the bottom.

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    Step 4:

    Now cut the crotch area according to measurements and switch the other two sides together from this area.

    Step 5:

    After folding, extra fabric on each side of the pant can easily be overlapped to give it each side that tulip shape.

    People are confused to how to cut tulip salwar. But by the usage of technology and internet, we can easily stitch tulip pants. Even girls can stitch tulip pants at home because of tutorials. This is also called samosa shalwar because it is overlapped pant. Tulip trousers are the latest hot trend of women’s dresses. Creativity comes when we talk about trendy Tulip Pants this style is merged with Patiala style shalwar. Most important thing about these has paved their way up to many ramps. In latest Ramp show, movies and shows many of television and stars are seen carrying this style.

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    These elegant Tulip pants are consists of some embroidery work, thread work, beads work and some are printed. The designers are proudly displaying the latest fashion in markets to impress customers. This style has a perfection and uniqueness. We just need to have a little knowledge of how the fabric needs to be cut before being transformed in a tulip pant. This tulip style is much different than some regular shalwar with extra attention and care.

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