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Every bride looks forward to creating a different look on her special day. No wonder India’s most creative bridal label Sabyasachi gives her the right platform to do so. Women didn’t shy away from experimenting with their bridal Sabyasachi lehenga, from classic ensembles in red or golden hues to florals and LahengaCholi with lehnga-like flared pants.

From the very first collection, Sabyasachi’slehenga designs have evolved with every passing season, adding a new layer of aspiration to the persona of every modern-day bride-to-be.So if you are a bride-to-be in India or planning to be one, here are a few tips to get started.

Tips for selecting Sabyasachi lehenga

Be bold – don’t be afraid to try new colors

Yes, the red lehenga is a genuinely classic bridal lehenga. It’s attention-grabbing and unmistakable. Sabyasachi does most of his collections in red, and for a good reason. They’re absolutely gorgeous. However, other neutral hues complement the bride just as well. You don’t have to be afraid to try dusky pinks, deep blues, and bold blacks to add your own spin to things! These tones can give you an excellent base to build from and make your outfit truly yours.


Wisely choose the flare of the Sabyasachi lehenga

Sabyasachi lehenga is one of the most popular designer labels from India for women’s clothing. Keeping up with the changing fashion trend, this brand of designer sarees has been experimenting with the flare of the lehengas. Sometimes it’s too much and sometimes not enough either. A traditional-looking lehenga is necessary to carry off the Indian bridal look with grace and ease. Just like all new-age traditional wear, lehengas too are smart enough to accommodate the changing times.

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If you have a broad waist but slender hips, you should wear a low flared lehenga as it will not just look slimming but also accentuate your curves. If you have a trim physique, go for flared lehengas that will visually elongate your vertical lines.


Your blouse decided the entire look

Your style quotient will depend mainly on the selection of your designer blouse collection. Whether it is an exclusive runway show or a casual outing, designer blouses are the most crucial wardrobe investments that you should consider. Blouses are really a statement piece whether they are white, red, black, or blue. Regardless of the color, a well-fitted blouse conveys confidence, especially when you wear it with your Sabyasachi lehenga.

Accentuate with jewelry

Deciding on your bridal ensemble is the right headache for every bride-to-be. A unique one among the bridal wears is the combination of light color dresses with traditional dark-coloredjewelry. By choosing such a combination, one can add up the intensity to their look without spending a lot. This trend is very much in and has been taking up by most of the celebrities all over.


In what range can one find Sabyasachi lehengas?

Sabyasachi Mishra prides himself on being the most expensive designer in India. From bridal lehengas to evening gowns, from embroidered piece-de-resistance to cutwork and appliqué element pieces, he presents a diverse range of designs for his clientele. In an industry where ₹10 lakhs is not out of place, his label is often at the top of the most expensive list, with the price of his wedding lehengas crossing ₹18 lakhs.

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The cheapest lehengas cost around 4 lakh rupees. The next price range is for heavy lehengas with intricate work, approximately 8 to 10 lakhs. But the most expensive ones can cost more than 15 lakhs.


Types of Sabyasachi lehengas:


1. Banarasi Silk Sabyasachi lehenga

Sabyasachi is known to display a feminine and truly Indian style of dressing in his work. The Banarasi silk saree has the elegance of pure silk but comes with a punch in terms of looks and appeal. We are crazy in love with the superb finish and endowments of the Sabyasachibanarasilehenga. The alluring set is a quintessential example of giving flawlessness a whole new definition. What’s so much appealing about this buttery soft, lustrous fabric enriched with zari, zardozi, Resham, and beads? It’s laced with finesse to make it a styled-to-perfection outfit feminine enough for the taste of today’s modern bride.


2. Rustic Brocade

This stunning, rustic-looking Sabyasachi lehengais the perfect mix of simplicity and elegance. Handcrafted in Barasat, it features elaborate Kantha work. This intricately detailed Sabyasachi lehenga is stunningly artisan-made by artisans in Barasat. It’s to die for with intricate appliqués of cut metal sequins. The border of the lehenga is embellished with zardozi embroidery and velvet appliqués. A magnificent beaded chikandupatta and a sheer net odhna, both made with motifs of zardozi.


3. Heritage Bridal – The Sultana Collection

Apart from the heavy zari and classical handwoven patterns, Heritage Bridal Sultana Collection remains true to its aesthetics by keeping it simple yet beautiful. Keeping true to its Indian roots, focussing on weaving and embroidery, this lehenga is a masterpiece to behold. The sage-ish green and rustic browns give off a classic-meets-rustic vibe, while the blouse and dupatta with heavy zari work are sure to make you stand out in a crowd.

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4. Charbagh – The Nargis collection

Charbag has an oversized silhouette with clean and sharp edges, draping perfectly on the body. Blending Indian classicism with his signature clean lines and modern silhouettes, he exudes charisma in every single outfit. This elegant collection of Sabyasachi lehenga brings together the pastel teal (and) gilded floral motifs with a plunging neckline, making it is an excellent choice for your wedding.


5. DilGuldasta

Floral motifs on your lehengas look good on all body types. Sabyasachi has come up with some unusual floral fabric. Floral lehengas also need minimal accessories and makeup to make you look beautiful so that your outfit catches all the limelight. The velvet applique of hand-dyed silk-floss and beaten silver adds to its charm. The aesthetic is modern but not flashy; timeless yet distinctly feminine.


6. Pashmina lehengas

The traditional bohephaar style of this lehenga comes with a pashmina dori that looks like it is made of flowers. This door comes attached to a colorful, gold sequined net blouse, which is in turn decorated with zardozi work based on Paisley motifs. The most exciting part is the badlaodhna or the dupatta ensemble of this dress composed of a Badlapatti, paired with a dazzling and intricate dupatta.


7. Charbagh – The Isfahan Collection

This is a bright green chiffon lehenga that has been adorned with stunning bright green and gold embroidered motifs. This winsome Isfahan creation exudes affluence, beauty, and elegance generally associated with the elite circles of the Mughals.


Finding the perfect bridal outfit can be an overwhelming task. Picking a wedding lehenga’skameez and choli from a wide array of choices, matching it with the right accessories, and commissioning the proper artisans to create your regal ensemble are not exactly tasks one can execute by herself. Whether you are going for a more traditional yet elegant look or prefer a contemporary and chic look, there is definitely the perfect Sabyasachi lehenga in store for you.


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