Should You Have a Hospitality Suite at Your Wedding

Should You Have a Hospitality Suite at Your Wedding

Have you ever attended a destination wedding or a corporate event where the hosts set up a room for guests to have a space to enjoy a refreshment or perhaps relax a little? That is a hospitality suite and hosting a local wedding does not impede having one. The perks of hosting a wedding with a hospitality room are many because not only the couple needs a separate space to relax before the reception, but many of your guests could enjoy it too.


A hospitality wedding can be the perfect way to welcome your guests when you organize a weekend wedding. Whether it is a destination wedding or a local one, many will come from out of town. Hospitality suites are a thoughtful detail for your guests and a perfect way to show how much you appreciate them being at your weekend wedding.


It is the perfect spot for in-between wedding events.


When you host an out-of-town wedding or if any of your guests come from other places, you can book a block of rooms at one hotel, perhaps where you will host your wedding reception and ceremony or near those places, for your guests who perhaps don’t know well the area or are tired from traveling, having a common space to take a break and relax.


Your family and bridal party will also be out of their homes from an early hour to attend the photo shoot and be on time for the ceremony. To them, a common space for refreshment or rest will be dreamy. You can join them before the reception begins and refresh your makeup or have a quiet moment.

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Guests can have a space to chat.


Perhaps all your aunties traveled from your hometown, and they are so excited to be together again, and before the reception begins, they have a couple of hours to chat. But going to a different location is too much of a hassle because there is not enough room in one cab or car to go elsewhere. The same goes for old friends. If you lost contact with your college friends and are reunited again, you can have a cool gathering before heading to the dance floor.


Out-of-town guests will appreciate it.


There is never an easy way to program the arrival of your out-of-town guests; some will get to the hotel early while others will be a bit late. Having a place to leave your belongings while you take a walk is great. When you have a hospitality room, your guests can rest while their rooms are ready, perhaps have a drink or a snack and solve some questions.


You can have someone designated to help with doubts.


A hospitality room is perfect for giving your guests a place to find answers regarding your weekend wedding destination. When you designate a person to be there and help your guests, you take a ton of pressure off your shoulders. It is the perfect place to add information about the destination and activities they might do other than those stipulated on your wedding itinerary.


A hospitality room is ideal for gift bags.


Plus, if you don’t want to prepare personalized gift bags but wish to have that detail with your guests, you can set up a table in the suite with plenty of goodies that would be helpful for your guests. And they can grab what they need. Think about those items you often forget when traveling, toothpaste, sunscreen, reusable water bottles, and local items depending on your location like chocolate, olive oil, wine bottles, sunglasses, scarfs, and even hangover kits.

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What should I include in the hospitality room?


Now that you know all the great things about having a hospitality suite, you are probably asking yourself what elements should be included to make it useful and aesthetically perfect. Here are some tips you can follow to ensure your suite is part of your wedding concept and welcomes your guests in the best way possible.


– Personalize the hospitality room with decorations such as drapes to add a romantic feel or maybe to set up different areas divided by fabric. Here are some temporary wall ideas to make your hospitality room as cozy as possible.


– If the hospitality room doesn’t match your idea for your wedding décor, you can add some color to the chairs with black chair covers so your room looks as sophisticated and elegant as the rest of your wedding.


– Include refreshments and snacks for your guests, some beverages, appetizers, or cold snacks to take out. Think about healthy options such as fresh fruit and vegetables, perhaps some energy bars, and a couple of sandwiches for those who just got from a long flight.


Now you know about hospitality rooms and how to make them look great and include all your guests might need during your wedding weekend. There is no need to stress handling everyone a gift bag or local activities, and you can have it all in one place. And try to solve having someone there to provide information to your guests, so they don’t constantly come up to you.

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Book the suite early, if possible, and at the same time, book a block of rooms for your guests from out of town. Suites might not be available where you need them if you wait a long time. And don’t forget to let everyone know about the suite because guests often don’t even know about the amenities they can use, and the room doesn’t get noticed or enjoyed.

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