A Pakistani wedding is enormous and lasts for many days including different types of functions like Mehendi, Walima, Barat, etc. When any type of wedding starts in a home then the girls start to prepare for them. The main ones are the bride and the groom. Brides always tried to look amazing and make their day memorable. The most important thing for the bride is the bridal dress that she is wearing. It must be a royal dress that should be decorated with remarkable embroidery. The handwork is also done on bridal dresses to give them a unique appeal.

Most brides opt for the traditional bridal dresses as compared to the normal dress because it is the day to fulfill their needs. Some dresses are made of precious metal gem that gives a unique feel to the bride. Many brands have launched their luxury bridal outfits. Different designers in Pakistan are introduced bridal dress designs that symbolize the love and happiness between the couple. Wedding dresses are highly demanded by women in Pakistan because people understand the value of the outfits. The outfit was worn by the bride in the graze and elegance to the women wearing it.

Pakistani Bridal Dresses:

The top bridal dresses designed by the different designers of Pakistan are of unique importance. There are various brands in Pakistan launching their top bridal dresses in Pakistan. These dresses are according to the modern fashion world and they hit a huge trend in the fashion industry. The color theme should be amazing and classic for the brides and must give an innovative touch. The bridal collection can be classical, traditional, or any other way around.

Thay is different colors mainly the red color is thought to be the color of the bride’s dress but nowadays many different colors are also used as the primary color for the bridal dress collection. These Pakistani dresses make the bride look glamorous and are made from premium craftsmanship. This defines the great harmony of the day and fulfills the bride’s day with more enjoyment and fun. These Pakistani bridal dresses give a stunning look and are now available in Pakistan by different brands.

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Pakistani Mehndi Bridal Dresses:

Pakistani Mehndi Bridal outfits are specially designed for the bridal needs. Dress designers of Pakistan for bridal dresses are very notable and famous all over the world. Every bride is conscious about the dress that she wants to wear at her wedding events like Mehndi, Mayun, Baraat, Walima, etc. The bride is the main character of the wedding ceremony. She has the main role in Mehndi functions especially. The bride must look gorgeous.

These Mehndi bridal dresses are introduced by different brands like AlKaram, Sana Maskatiya, Zara Shahjahan, Maria. b, etc. These dresses make a unique place in the heart of the bride. Mehndi bridal dresses create a stunning look. They are mostly of the colors including red, orange, green, etc. These dresses are available in a huge variety including chiffon, silk, tissue, Cambric, organza, and other fabrics. They are high volume outfits and are a great choice for the Mehndi brides.

Barat bridal dresses:

There is a huge variety of bridal dresses for the brides of Barat. This is the main day for the girl and she must look amazing and inspiring in that dress. There are many enormous amounts of suits available in Pakistan at the different brand outlets and as well as on the different brand online stores. There should be a perfect dress chosen for a wedding day because it is one of the most important days in the girl’s life. The Barat is the most important part of the wedding planning and it makes the bride fashionable.

There are various varieties of Barat designs including the neck, long or half sleeves dresses, gowns, and lehengas. Pakistani bridal dresses for the Barat are highly embellished with the different types of crystal gems, embroideries, and different types of handwork. They look very stunning and are made for the bride. These dresses are very comfortable.

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Common Barat bridal dresses can be lehenga choli, flour length frocks, maxi frocks, bridal gowns, saris, velvet maxis, sharara, gharara, and long frocks designed by different Pakistani dress designers. Bridal wear outfits are decorated with different types of material like crystals, stones, pearls, beats, etc. Designers always try to make eye-catching and inspiring dresses for the brides to make them look more attractive. Pakistani bridal dresses collection is very famous and unique due to Pakistani dress designers.

Walima Bridal Dresses:

Walima is also the main function of the wedding. It must include the latest and trendy dresses for brides. The different brands have introduced the wedding collection and they keep on launching them. They are available in all styles and colors trending nowadays. Beautiful Walima dresses for brides include different kinds of work like Zari work, Sitara, embroidery, dabka, etc.

These dresses are very unique and possess nice traits of color combination. They are very good to form an eye-catching look. The latest bridal dress collection is the one that makes the bride look elegant. There is a unique series of bridal outfits by different Pakistani designers for Pakistani women. These are also affordable at reasonable prices with unique patterns.

Designers of Pakistan:

Different designers in Pakistan have launched their various bridal dresses. These dresses are unique. Following are the designers that have introduced the top bridal dress collection.

Maria. B Dress Collection:

Maria. B is the name of the worldwide brand and it has always been working to provide the customers with exclusive garments. For weddings, it provides unique and stylish dresses for girls. They always keep on launching a bride dress collection for girls. The wedding bridal dresses are combined with different colors and beads work. There is also nice embroidery done on the front and back of the beautiful bridal dresses. They show a high-class tradition of the brides.

Maria. B bridal dresses give the soft look for wedding events. They are made with the working of dabka, zari, banarsi, and other stone working. These dresses include long gowns, maxi, frocks, lehengas, etc. Bridal dresses must have a quick and unique appearance. They are best for brides to wear on Mehndi, barat or walima. They also possess a huge variety of bridal shower dresses.

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Zara Shahjahan Bridal Dress Collection:

Zara Shah Jahan always tries to inspire the customers with the charm of their outfits. They have made history in the beautiful Zara Shahjahan bridal dress collection. These bridal outfits are made of pleasant colors on the front or back of the outfits. They are also available in the maximum range. Zara Shah Jahan’s bridal dress collection is very beautiful and amazing and done with gems or lacework. The customer demand is very high for the latest Zara shah Jahan latest bridal dress collection. She always tries to focus on the style and comfort of the brides because it is the day where she has to fully satisfy by the dress she is wearing.

Sana Maskatiya Bridal Dress Collection:

They launch trendy and bridal outfits. Sana Maskatiya has its variety of bridal dress collections. The outfits are of dynamic designs and versatile styles. Girls from casts and religions also prefer this Pakistani dress designer. Their outfits are also available at various online stores in Pakistan.

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