One of the most important concepts in any cricket game is the one of an innings. You can go right now to the cricket betting sites in India – 1xBet features wagers on everything that happens during a cricket match.

It should be noted that the word “innings” is used in both singular and plural form. This concept refers to a period within a cricket match when it’s a particular team’s turn to bat. Different kinds of matches have different numbers of innings, such as:

  • One-Day Internationals have two innings with 50 overs each;
  • Twenty20 matches have two innings with 20 overs each;
  • and Test matches have four innings without limitations in the number of overs.

The 1xBet India cricket betting sites are places in which punters can wager on all these variations of cricket.

What happens during the innings

As said before, both ODI and Twenty20 matches have two innings in total. This means that each team has only one period where they can bat. Conversely, this means that they have to bowl during the other innings. The website is a perfect place to wager on different things that can happen during an innings.

The number of times that a team can bat depends on the format of the game. For example, in Twenty20, there are 20 overs, and in turn, each over is made up of 6 valid balls. Thus, at its greatest extent, there might be 120 chances to bat. On the other hand, in ODI matches, with its 50-over limit, there are up to 300 chances to bat. The best batters in the sport are present in the 1xBet online bookmaker. That’s also why these forms of the game are known as limited-overs cricket.

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Test matches are different, and also that’s the reason why they are so long, taking several days to complete. Here there are four innings in total, meaning that each squad has the chance to bat twice. Also, there are no limitations in the number of overs.

How does an innings end

As said before, innings can change depending on the variation of cricket being played. On your favourite betting site 1xBet you can wager on all things that happen during the innings of a cricket match.

In Test matches and those events that overall are not of the limited-overs type, the innings ends when all batsmen except for one have been dismissed. On the other hand, in limited-overs cricket, innings can also end with the same condition as in Test matches. However, an innings can also end when the number of overs that are supposed to be played take place. The 1xBet betting site can become your favorite betting platform as soon as you visit it and try out its incredibly interesting features.

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