With a standard Internet connection, your IP address is usually displayed. This allows other websites to track its activity. How to avoid this situation? Luckily, dedicated private proxies are guaranteed to hide the real coordinates of your IP address. Moreover, they allow your site visitors to perform varied activities in the network anonymously. 

In other words, private proxies act as intermediaries between a computer and the Internet. The request is sent through a proxy server and connected to the pages via a new IP address.

By using dedicated private proxies you can be sure that at the moment only one network subscriber uses your IP address.

Keep safe your data with private proxy firewalls

If you’re a newbie and don’t understand the basics of cybersecurity, such as the purpose of firewalls, then you probably don’t fully understand the potential of dedicated private proxies. 

A proxy server is a specialized solution that provides communication between an internal protected network and the outside world via Internet protocols. Generally speaking, dedicated private proxies work with programs based on TCP/IP protocol. Typically, proxy servers run only those programs that are secure and trusted. As well, each supported protocol must have its proxy service or be processed by a shared proxy. Dedicated private proxies can also be a transparent program created to transfer packages to any given port across network boundaries.

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Usually, proxies act at the command of a client or user to access network services and protect each party from a peer-to-peer connection. The steps of connecting through dedicated private proxies require different levels of authentication or trust in the software that will be used to establish connections. 

The benefits of a dedicated private proxies connection

There are several types of proxies for Internet connection:

  • general;
  • residential;
  • datacenter;
  • dedicated private proxies;
  • and others.

While comparing private proxies with other types of server connection, the obvious advantage is their ability to ensure individual approach. If you purchase such software, you can be certain that no one else has access to it. When you log into network resources, you will not see a real IP address. Instead, you will see a completely different one that the system provides.

In practice, dedicated proxies are a secure way to hide users’ data. In turn, this minimizes the risk of DDoS attacks. And if you wonder, what provider to choose, pay attention to PrivateProxy. It’s a company with good experience and a wide audience. 

Get even more profit with dedicated private proxies

Yep, there are countless pros to implementing dedicated private proxies. For example, have a look at a few of them:

  1. Specifying different geolocation to enter websites. This is especially useful if the search object involves geolocation for residents of other countries.
  2. The setting of parameters at every Internet connection is not necessary. This feature saves time significantly.
  3. There is no impact on the data transfer rate (a reboot of the bandwidth, as well as at the entrance without it, as it is assigned to only one user).
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There is an opinion that dedicated private proxies are more secure than shared versions. The second one can be often used by hackers to steal information from different organizations. The best and safest option is to buy and configure a private server from a trusted provider, like PrivateProxy. Such a solution guarantees unhindered access to any web pages without leaking personal information.

Scope of dedicated private proxies

Dedicated proxy servers assume a high level of anonymity on any network portals. Due to this feature, they are utilized for personal or business purposes. The application of private proxy login allows users to open access to closed or «remote» pages.

These all and even more make dedicated private proxies convenient and useful for different companies. For instance, an advertising organization uses dedicated proxies to check advertisers and their home pages. In this case, the entire viewing takes place on the condition of complete anonymity.

This connection with Internet resources will be useful for bundlers of fares on airlines, travel agencies, etc. With dedicated private proxies, they can easily collect any necessary data, bypassing geo-blocking or IP address bans.

As well, today, many people know how to use private proxies to create accounts on social networks. This allows you to manage profiles without restrictions. For example, some social networks may be blocked in certain countries. To provide access to social networks to connect with a larger audience, try services by PrivateProxy.

What is more? For more comfortable and widespread use of your account on socials, you can set up mobile proxies for your device.

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Summing it up

As you can see, proxies are really worthy of your attention. To help you assume the most necessary details about them, here is a special shortlist. So, dedicated private proxies are a must-have for:

  • Your data online protection.
  • Provision of Internet access from the local network.
  • Saving external or internal traffic. The proxy server, after receiving data from the Internet, compresses the data and passes it to the user in a compressed form.
  • Reducing the load on the channel, which is achieved due to the ability of dedicated private proxies to cache data. If a client frequently accesses the same resource, the proxy server makes a copy of the received data and passes it on request.
  • Access blocking bypass. By using private proxies, you can bypass access restrictions on individual resources.
  • Internet access control for local network computers. The proxy server can filter user requests and deny access to specified resources.
  • Anonymous browsing sites. Most proxy servers allow you to hide the user’s IP address and other information about his actions, location, and system.
  • Improving the security of the local network. It is possible to configure the proxy server so that you can access the Internet from the local network only through it. Local computers are not available from the outside because only the IP address of the server is displayed and information about the computers connected through it is not technically available.

If you are ready to buy dedicated private proxies, choose only licensed well-known providers. 

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