Raffle donations are a great way to raise funds for your favorite charity or nonprofit. With a little creativity, you can maximize your raffle fundraiser’s potential and make it more profitable than ever before. If you are not sure where to start with though, don’t worry, our article has you covered! Here are 6 raffle ideas to get you started!

1. Have a Raffle Offering Hunting Trips by Charity Safari

A great way to drum up excitement about your upcoming fundraiser event is to offer a hunting trip from Charity Safaris as a potential prize. These exciting trips are often provided to eligible nonprofit organizations as well as charities by Charity Safaris, who work closely with the organizers of the event and take care of everything.

They will guide the winner throughout the process and provide them with all the information they need. They will also organize the entire hunting trip. These hunting trips include everything your donors will need to have a memorable experience, from luxurious accommodations to premium gourmet meals. Charity Safari takes care of everything while you focus on your charity event.

With something like this on offer, people are surely going to be incentivized and are going to try their best to win this, which means that your nonprofit and organization will profit from that. And these profits will be entirely yours to keep, as the entire hunting trip is entirely funded by the donations–Charity Safaris does not take anything from the profits. Those are 100 percent yours to keep.

2. Have a Raffle for a Donated Car or Other Big-Ticket Item

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One great way to engage donors and generate money for your charity is to have a raffle for a donated car or another big-ticket item. People often get excited at the prospect of winning a brand new vehicle, or something else with a large monetary value, and this can be utilized in your favor. 

An added bonus is that these big-ticket items can often be obtained from businesses who are looking to gain visibility. This means that not only will you be generating lots of donations for your cause, but also helping raise awareness about the business who helped you out!

A raffle for a car or other big-ticket item could really bring in some major funds, as more and more people will be excited to try their luck at winning them, which will result in profits for your charity or nonprofit organization. So consider it as an option the next time you’re feeling stuck on ideas for your next fundraiser!

3. Have a 50/50 Raffle Where Half of the Proceeds Go to the Winner and Half Goes to the Charity

A 50/50 raffle at your next charity fundraiser is the perfect way to combine excitement with community giving. Participants will be eager to try their luck for a cash prize, and with half of the proceeds donated to charity, everyone can win! 

Such fundraisers have tremendous potential— the more people who enter the raffle, the greater the final pool for both winner and beneficiary! Plus, it helps ensure that your other attendees are appropriately incentivized with a chance to receive something in return such as discounted merchandise or virtual rewards. 

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Whether you’re raising funds for a good cause or just trying to raise some extra cash, this type of raffle is sure to bring some thrills as well as plenty of support.

4. Have a Wine Tasting Raffle Where Attendees Can Taste Different Wines and Vote for Their Favorite

If you’re planning a charity fundraiser and looking for an exciting way to get people involved, why not consider hosting a wine tasting raffle? With this activity, attendees can sample different wines and vote on their favorite. 

Not only will this give them something fun to do at the event, but it also allows them to be part of the fundraising effort as each vote cast provides additional funds for the charity. It’s a great way to make your fundraiser engaging and ensure it leaves a lasting impression on your guests!

5. Have a Raffle for a Weekend Getaway at a Nearby Resort or Hotel

Looking for an exciting way to raise money for your charity fundraiser? Why not host a raffle for a weekend getaway at a nearby resort or hotel? This is sure to create a buzz amongst participants! You can get creative with how you advertise the raffle and promote the event to attract ticket buyers. 

Have fun with it and include incentives or discounts for buying multiple tickets. This can be a great way to support your cause while also giving participants the chance to win an exciting prize. Raffles are always much more attractive than standard fundraisers, so be sure to make yours stand apart from the rest!

6. Have a Gift Basket Raffle With Baskets Filled With Goodies From Local Businesses

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Have you ever gone to a charity event and felt like it was missing something? Why not try a raffle? A gift basket raffle is an easy way to spice up any fundraising event, while simultaneously providing support to local businesses! Baskets can be filled with goodies such as baked goods, useful items, or decorative items. 

Allow guests to purchase tickets for the chance to win one of the themed baskets. This provides more value to your fundraiser and puts money back into the local economy, supporting businesses that are important in your community.


Charity fundraisers are a great way to engage your community and raise money for a good cause. If you’re looking for raffle ideas, consider having a raffle for a donated car or other big-ticket item, hosting a 50/50 raffle, or organizing a wine tasting where attendees can vote for their favorite wine. You could also have a raffle for a weekend getaway at a nearby resort or hotel, or create gift baskets filled with goodies from local businesses. Whatever type of raffle you choose, be sure to promote it ahead of time so that you can maximize attendance and donations.

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