How to Apply Eye Makeup

How to Apply Eye Makeup – In makeup category, eye makeup is one of the greatest pleasures for makeup enthusiasts. Eyes are the best of the human body. In this post, we will discuss with you how to apply eye make and its different types. Eyes have a special appearance in your personality, that is why we need them looks fresh and pretty with natural herbs and medicines. Eyes are the part of the body where women can get creative, attractive and express themselves. It is necessary to know that how to Apply Eye Make and what kind of steps are involved in doing eye makeup. Eye makeup gives a glamorous and unique look to your eyes.

Without eye makeup, your eyes seem completely rough and not good looking. Girls need some extra care and attention to beautify them. Remember your eyes are the most important part of your face which other people observe the most. So you have to take care of your eye and you should know what kind of makeup should be suitable on eyes and how to apply makeup while when you are ready for any function like wedding, engagement, formal or casual event.

Your eyes play an important role when you’re entering in the audience, every eye look onto your eye and see your personality and dressing later, first they watch out your eye. So we are going to discuss with your some types of eye make and share some important point with you how to apply eye makeup. So scroll down and read this article for yourself and for batter makeup for your eyes.


How to Apply Eye Makeup and its Types:

Well If we talk about Makeup, then we cannot only talk about only simple makeup, we can think about a different kind of makeup like a face made, nail arts, eye make and eye makeup has different types for different kind of eyes shape and colors. If we use eye makeup then we have to know about all steps and produced and also know that how to apply eye make with efficiently. So let’s talk about its types and point how to apply eye makeup.

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Types of Eye Makeup:

  • Light eye makeup
  • Smokey Eye makeup
  • Retro eye makeup
  • Moonlight eye makeup
  • Peacock eye makeup
  • Arabic eye makeup

Light Eye Makeup:

If we discuss Eyes, we can easily say that Eyes are the component of traits that can attract the concentration of anyone, we have to take care of eyes to much. There is a lot of tips of make for face, eye, and nail but we have to face some difficulties and issue while doing eye makeup. During makeup, the major issue that we have to face is to deal with the eye makeup. If eye makeup is completed carefully and accurately the rest of the makeup is like a piece of cake.

Smokey Eye Makeup:

Smokey eye makeup is famous kind of eye makeup. It’s been famous for centuries and till now. Smoky makeup requires for parties, gathering, ramps, and another kind of celebrations. A perfect blend of different bold color with black gives you a perfect smoky eye. So here is the point for how to apply eye makeup.

  • First of all start with the eyeliner pencil for filling up the waterlines for the correct enhancement of the eyes.
  • Make the line on the lash line with a black pencil. Make a line close to the lashes as much as possible.
  • Now extend the stroke to the outer corner of eyes and make a winged line.
  • Now blurring that line you drew recently and drag it to outward and upward.
  • Then apply any eye color on the empty left corner part of eyelids. You can also use silver, pink, blue, golden, cream, peach, brown and brown color for smoky eye makeup.
  • Now blend the corner of the eye with black boundaries.
  • In the last smudge, the eyeliner on the lower lash line upward and downward and apply mascara.
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Retro Eye Makeup:

Retro eye makeup is famous among girls. This makeup look makes the personality of a woman very attractive and pretty. So here are the tips on how to apply eye makeup.

  • First of all line your eyes on the upper inner of the rim with a black eye pencil.
  • Now use brown color and trace the liner where you want to place the liner with an angled eyeliner brush.
  • In the end, use mascara to give the volume and length to your lashes.

Moonlight Eye Makeup:

Moonlight makeup is actually shimmery and glittery makeup. Most girls do this makeup for parties and wedding functions. So here are some tips on how to apply eye makeup.

  • First of all, apply eye primer over the lid and then apply crème eye color that will help you to prevent from the scattering of glitter on your face.
  • Now apply eye color that you want to color. Don’t open your eyes until it dry.
  • Then apply glitter eye color over the lids.
  • In the end, apply the eyeliner to the lash line and mascara.

Peacock Eye Makeup:

Now let’s discuss the Peacock Eye Makeup now, Peacocks are at present all the rage on the makeup view, as makeup lovers love the awesome colors and textures linked with these beautiful creatures. There is no doubt that, the peacock eye makeup designs and style has become tremendously popular among people. We will provide you step by step guide that will explain how you can easily pull off this stunning eye makeup look with a short effort. So here is the point for how to apply eye makeup.

  • In a first step, apply a top primer to your eyelids in that order to create a soft shell so after that, your eyeshadow will apply easily and last longer.
  • After that take some purple color and apply on the inner part of both lids, then take a shimmery green eye color and brush onto the rest of the lid.
  • While in thirst step, apply a wipe of gold to the inner curve of both eyes for a twinkle pop, and using black eyeliner, line your upper and bottom lids, making sure to create a wing-shaped tip towards the outer parts of both eyes.
  • In the last step, you can also line the area below your lower lash line with bright green shadow for an additional pop. Making sure to finish with a number of coats of some mascara in either black or navy.
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Arabic Eye Makeup:

Arabic is the most popular makeup now a day. It’s a combination of shimmery and dark eyeshadows. Mostly apply with black, golden, maroon, silver shade to get Arabic look. So here we present some point for how to apply eye makeup.

  • First of all cover the dark circles around your eye. You can use foundation to hide them.
  • Now take a brush and apply brown eyeshadow on the crease of eyes, now apply black eye pencil to the outer corner of eyes and also over the eyebrow in the shape of C and then extend it.
  • Now apply golden eyeshadow over the central area of the eyelid.
  • Blend the eyeshadow nicely but don’t hardly.
  • Apply a bronze eye color over the third corner of the eye and extend to the eye socket end.
  • At the end apply a dark thick liner to the upper and lower lash line to get a perfect Arabic Eye Makeup.

Light Eye Makeup Snaps:

light-eye-makeup light-eye-makeup2 light-eye-makeup3 light-eye-makeup4

Smokey Eye makeup Snaps:

smokey-eye-makeup2 smokey-eye-makeup3 smokey-eye-makeup4

Retro eye makeup Snaps:

retro-eye-makeup retro-eye-makeup2 retro-eye-makeup3 retro-eye-makeup4

Moonlight eye makeup Snaps:

moonlight-eye-makeup moonlight-eye-makeup2 moonlight-eye-makeup3 moonlight-eye-makeup4

Peacock eye makeup Snaps:

peacock-eye-makeup-2 peacock-eye-makeup-3 peacock-eye-makeup-4 peacock-eye-makeup

Arabic eye makeup Snaps:

arabic-eye-makeup arabic-eye-makeup2 arabic-eye-makeup3 arabic-eye-makeup4

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