Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

If you have until now got your Halloween dress you may go with DIY costumes. Interestingly, you may create your last minute DIY halloween costumes with items you have at home.

Chip on Shoulders

If you want an easy, creative and funny type of last minute DIY halloween costumes, we suggest you place packets of chips on your shoulder. The best thing is that you only have to bring a few packets of chips to get your job done easily.

Costumes with Snickers Logo

If you want to get a sweet Halloween costume, you must try a DIY costume with Snickers logo on it. Only, you have to wear a chocolate brown color dress and attach a Snicker logo on it. You may even carry a chocolate bag to give life to your costume.

Comfortable Outfit of Cinderella

Want to try something different for this Halloween try a comfortable outfit of Cindrella. You only need a black choker, a baby sweater or shirt of blue color and small tiara. Just gather your coziest sleepers and sweaters with a white pumpkin or broom.

Minnie Mouse Outfit 

There is hardly anyone does not love Disney characters, particularly Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Hence, we suggest you add Disney magic to the upcoming Halloween in a Minnie Mouse dress. You only have to arrange a polka dot shirt in red color and add small mouse ears. If possible, get mouse ears from Disney World or Disneyland to get the best DIY Halloween outfit.

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Outfit of Dunkin’s Donuts 

Are you looking for a punny and funny costume with tasty edibles? Use your best athletic clothes and combine it with inflatable pool floats to create a Dunkin’s donut shape.

The Mandalorian Child 

The Mandalorian Child is a preferable costume for all who love Baby Yoda. For this, you have to wear a light brown or olive green jacket and dress. Simultaneously, pull the hairs back to form tight buns and give a funky yet cute look with pointy ears. Never hesitate to experiment by applying some green makeup as well.

Gabriella Skating Gear

An interesting aspect of this unique last minute DIY halloween costumes is that you only need your skating gear. You can get a Gabriella look with only knee pads and roller blades. Only you have to add a helmet to assure safety and the right measure.

Candies with Googly Eyes 

You may have a few candies lying around your home. If so, just stick them in your black or white colored apron. Besides, you may glue the dress with googly eyes and complete your look.

Catfish Modern Outfit 

Do you want to get a modern-day DIY costume to celebrate your Halloween? We suggest you to go with a catfish outfit. You have to create a cardboard cutout of any of your favorite dating apps. Moreover, you have to dress in black colored dress from head to toe. You may also add fish scales and cat ears to enhance the fun factor related to your outfit.

Sugar Mama

If you are still searching for cool outfits, you must try the Sugar Mama costume. The best thing is that you need only 2 items i.e. a sugar bag and a baby carrier to make your costume ready.

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Smarty Pants 

Smarty pants are another cute and easy DIY Halloween costume to make the event memorable. For this, you have to follow a geek chic getup and stick a few Smarty rolls on your dress.

Disguise Blessed Costume 

Want to get a blessed costume, just try a creative, cute and extremely easy one by dressing in a disguise-blessed costume. Just wear a hat and an artificial mustache to go undercover. You may find a top or shirt, which says blessing or simply design it on your own.


Do you have black clothes in your wardrobe? Use it to transform you in a spider. Besides, you have to use three pantyhose pairs to create spider legs. Besides, you may add some stuffs to make your costume attractive.


Try the scarecrow costume for this Halloween to get a unique look. You only have to wear jeans, a plaid top and a sun hat. After this, we suggest you to paint the face to get a complete look.

Combination of Balloons and Leaves

You may have a bunch of purple or balloons to blow and stick them on any of your favorite clothes. Besides, you may throw leaves to create green accessories or cut and draw leaves from any regular paper.

Ghost Look

While talking of Halloween, the first thing that comes to mind is ghost look. Luckily, you can obtain ghost look by cutting a few holes from a curtain or bed sheet and throw it on you.

Zombify the Costume 

An effective way to make your DIY costume is to zombify the Halloween costume of last year.

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Take Help from Christmas tree

If green is your favorite color, you can create your costume by using Christmas tree. You only have to take the Christmas tree of last year and decorate it at the top of your green dress.

Wild Animal Costume

Are you a party lover? You can choose for wild animal costume with your favorite animal headband and various other crazy outfits.

Cat Outfit

Similar to wild animals, you may add a few accessories, like your claws to create your cat outfit. You only need black, white or felt paper to create cat ears. After this, you may have some whiskers and put paint of any color on your nose.

Mad Scientist

Halloween costume lovers, who have goggles and a white coat, may choose the getup of a mad scientist. The best thing is that you can do anything with this costume to give it a creative look.

Overall, starting from creative professionals, tree, candies, animal props and others, you will get everything to create your appealing Halloween costume for this year.

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