versace crystal noir

When we talk about the best perfumes trending nowadays then the Versace crystal noir is the top trending perfume for women. It was launched in 2004. The person who was behind the launching and sensing this fragrance was Antoine lie. It is a very delicate and sensual essence. Versace Crystal Noir Deep Perfume is a unique scent that represents many women of every kind nowadays. It is very inspiring for women and makes a very elegant and fashionable sense with high confidence.

Long-Lasting Crystal Noir Eau De Perfume Fragrance for Women:

This is the best perfume in expressing the true fashion sense. It is purely a feminine perfume that is used by modern-day women. This perfume is trending a lot nowadays and symbolizes the great attraction and inspiration for other women. It is available in different quantities but the most widely used is 90ml perfume. It has the best high and low notes and is the best floral fragrance for women. This perfume is best for women in comparison with other versace perfumes.

Features of Versace Crystal Noir Perfume for Women:

It is the best perfume and creates a fruity sense for the ladies. It meets the taste of all kinds of women. This is the best option to dress up for any type of casual and formal occasion. Versace crystal noir is the masterpiece to most of the women going for the trending fashion nowadays. It is best in quality and attraction. It is mostly not applicable to the young ladies and is perfect for the real powerful start. There are different features of this perfume including sensuality, long-lastingness, durability, fragrance, etc.

Dark and sensual:

This perfume possesses the best sensuality and inspiration. Versace Crystal Noir is very demanding nowadays by the women. It is a very strong version and is the original edition.  It is made with an amazing fruity scent and suits every woman. Women can have this perfume the whole day.


Versace Crystal Noir is very long-lasting. It lasts for about 10 hours which is a good period. The person feels relax and calm with this perfume. It is a great inspiration to cover yourself with different accents of this perfume.


It is a very strong and durable perfume. This perfume fulfills the women’s desire to look and smell good. It has an intense and glowy smell. Women have a great passion for different fragrances. So due to their strength and durability, this perfume is much demanded and attracted by women.

Notes of Crystal Noir Perfume:

Top notes include ginger, cardamom, pepper; middle notes include coconut, orange, peony, etc. Base notes include musk, amber, and sandalwood. It is a delicate and sensual blend of different notes.

Price of Versace Crystal Noir in Pakistan:

In Pakistan, the price of Versace Crystal Noir starts from Rs. 6,000 and goes maximum to Rs. 20,000. People buy these a lot especially the women of Pakistan.

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