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Versace Pour Homme Perfume Aromatic Fougere Fragrance for Men, Versace has introduced different versace cologne perfumes. They are best for men and women of all kinds. These perfumes have huge longevity and elegance. Versace perfumes are one of the best perfumes trending nowadays. They are a floral fragrance that has different notes. All the notes are perfect on their way. Versace perfumes are luxurious and have an infinite beauty that reflects a soul of a person.

Versace Pour Homme Perfume Aromatic Fougere Fragrance for Men:

Pour Homme by Versace cologne is a perfume that was launched in 2008 by Versace. It was sensed by ALBERTO MORILLAS. It is an aromatic fragrance for men. This pour Homme collection by different types of beautiful aromas. Versace pour Homme has an acceptable amount of amazing scent and long lastingness. This perfume fits best for men because it lasts for a whole day and is best for men. It is a classical perfume that gives confidence and style to men and refreshes the soul.

Notes of Versace Pour Homme Cologne for Men:

It has different notes producing various amazing scents. Top notes, middle notes, and base notes of this perfume increase its demand and attraction of customer towards it. The top notes include lemon, neroli, rose, etc.

Middle notes include cedar, germanium, clary age, hyacinth, and its base notes include Tonka bean, musk, and amber. All these notes of Versace Pour Homme give deep and sensual essence for the pure masculinity. It can be kept all day long for a fresh smell. They are best to have on different types of occasion family or business gatherings.

Features of Versace Pour Homme Perfume for Men:

This perfume possesses different characteristics in which its strength, fragrance, durability, and sensuality are amazing. This perfume is highly demanded nowadays by men of all ages because it produces an amazing fruity scent that suits every man. Different features of this perfume are described below:

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This is a very durable perfume and is a strong essence for men. It fulfills the desire for having a good fragrance all day. Its durability increases its demand and fulfills the thirst of those men who have a great passion for various amazing fragrances. It is highly durable and has an intense and beautiful smell.


This perfume is best in terms of sensuality and darkness. Versace Pour Homme Cologne is a perfume that is in original addition and a classical for men. They are best for men to style and refresh their bodies. Its smell is acceptable by every man and is made of different notes that increase its attraction.

Fragrance of Versace Pour Homme:

It has a beautiful scent. All its notes increase its fragrance. It is the latest addition to the Versace perfume world. This is very strong and men can’t live without it for the day. Trending Versace Pour Homme is an amazing fragrance that possesses a luminous aroma. They are perfect in their way and is luxurious for the masculine gender.

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