Versace Pour Homme Perfume – Versace Cologne A Fragrance for Men

versace pour homme

Versace Pour Homme Perfume Aromatic Fougere Fragrance for Men, Versace has introduced different versace cologne perfumes. They are best for men and women of all kinds. These perfumes have huge longevity and elegance. Versace perfumes are one of the best perfumes trending nowadays. They are a floral fragrance that has different notes. All the notes are perfect on their way. …

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12 Best Versace Perfumes for Everyone – Choose Your Signature Fragrance

versace perfumes

Versace is one of the most re-known brands nowadays in the fashion industry. In the fragrance world, it has made its name high for the daring and passionate love for fragrances.  It is an Italian fashion design house that was found by Gianni Versace. This was further continued by other members of the Versace family and it has launched many …

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Versace Dylan Blue Pour Homme Cologne 100ml for Men Price in Pakistan

­­­­Versace Dylan Blue perfume was launched in 2016. This fragrance is specifically for men and is much more inspired by men worldwide. Versace Dylan Blue collection is the new fragrance that is in the original form and aromatic and fresh with top, middle, and base notes. Its bottle comes in dark blue color. It is available in different quantities like …

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Versace Bright Crystal Absolu Feminine Fragrance Perfume in Pakistan

versace bright crystal

A perfume is a composition of different notes like top notes base notes and middle notes. These notes are very delicate and make the fragrance last longer verses has introduced a new perfume that is trending nowadays known as Versace bright crystal. This perfume has different notes depending on the fragrance. This is best to wrap yourself for the layer …

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Versace Shirts – Trending Fashion T-Shirts for Men Collection

versace shirts

The Pakistani fashion industry is leading in terms of men’s and women’s wear. Men’s apparel is also in high demand as that of women. These apparel are unique in design and are made of the finest high-quality fabric. They are available at affordable rates including men’s, women’s, and kid’s garments. Versace is the latest brand trending for men’s and women’s …

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